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Feb 19, 2011
May 11, 2007
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Good Dog, from Grand Junction, Colorado

buddysmom was last seen:
Feb 19, 2011
    1. Vicki
    2. buffyuk
      hi new to forum been a member a while but not been on foir along time i am from england and i am having a problem trying to post on introduction forum i have a irish red nose she is 5yrs old and a beautiful dog its great to see a site for pitbull owners who can share things with sorry to bother you but can you please help thank you buffyuk
    3. megschristina
      hey, I appreciate your reply tonite, I needed someone to acknowledge my feelings...So I really appreciate it...no matter how crazy I seem right now, validating my feelings was a huge help to me...so thanks...
    4. buddysmom
      No worries, happy to answer your question! No I do not own any pit bulls. My best friend owns one,and I just adore the breed (and dogs of course in general). I don't think I'll own one at least in the near future, because of my work and home situation; but if ever that changes it is a fantasy of mine to rescue an older one some day.
    5. xgarrettxvx
      I was wondering if you owned pit bulls...It seems like somewhere you indicated you didn't, and i'm curious. Not being rude, just want to know. Thanks!
    6. Vicki
    7. Gorgeousgirl624
      I am very new to this and I need some help....My blue pitbull puppy has a rash from his neck to his rear and down hins legs...I took him to the vet and they do not know what it is.
    8. buddysmom
      Thanks for your note! I was really dubious at first about people dissing the HSUS, because they were mostly the same people, yes who still support dog fighting (or as they will distinguish, "traditional matching" or "game testing" or whatnot but there are some BS laden terns still IMO). But anyway I did a lot of research on the HSUS and came to many of the same conclusions. I think you for keeping an open mind!!

      Now, you will also see some of the same above-mentioned people sometimes trying to attack the ASPCA in the same regard, but I have constantly asked them to provide evidence and they have NOT been able to do so. One of the most common claims is "ASPCA supports BSL." No shred of real evidence. I still think, time or money is best given to one's local shelter, but I have NO problem with ASPCA in general.

      Anyhow thanks again for touching base, and welcome!!!
    9. Petey
      Thank You for your comment about HSUS. I started to read a bit, and found that I am ignorant concerning HSUS and their policies. I have only been here for a couple of weeks, and have mixed feelings about the site. I am sure that there are people here who still support dog fighting, there "attitude" shows through in their posts. However there are also people I can learn from if I remain patient and weed through the garbage. I would appreciate it if you would continue to point me in the right direction. Thanks

    10. Turner
      Heya!! Whatcha think of my new signature? :D
    11. Miakoda
    12. Vicki
    13. Vicki
    14. Vicki
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