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  • What are you... 12?? :lol: Just kidding.... you look very young though, and adorable! Both my kids are blond and blue... My son was a cotton top his whole childhood... you guys favor, except he outweighs you! :p
    Hey go check out Whats your favorite genre of music thread in the chit chat section. I need another country music fan to back me up and your the first that came to mind..
    :lol: Thank you for the early morning giggle!! Nicest possible way hmmm???
    :lol: Being a good boy, hmmm?

    btw.. someone may go and delete those few posts.. not me but another Mod, Im not sure theyre "On topic"

    Pit Bull Chat Forum - View Single Post - How a collar SHOULD fit-something that has been brought to my attention.

    shit man. you tell it how it is!! while adding humor.

    amazing how stupid some people can be to not understand how to put a collar on properly.
    Thanks. These people with the type of dogs in my avatars need to learn there dogs are a joke. I will be walking and see one of those dogs in my avatar. And i just laugh. They dont understand how funny they are. Especially if one of them says hi to me. I just laugh... when i look at the dogs... they are a pure joke.
    i have his number, i spoke to him last week on weds. he claimed he send it out the day before (tues.) so i should have received it yesterday. so im juss waitin by the mail box crossin fingers. if it doesnt come in a few days ima give him a call and try to find a tracking number.
    naw man im still waitin, it was sent last week but still hasnt come ive been waitin by the mail box, shits startin to seem funny.
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