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  • Hello Bud. :)
    I have a question..

    Do you know a Vet around here that does nice clean crops, and has experience?
    Or even near you?
    I have been looking, but I can't find anyone around here that does it.
    You gonna be at this Florida show after thanksgiving we could talk about how bad y'all whoop our ass on that Friday
    Bud boy did you donate to the newton fund did y'all pass around an offering plate down there in lower Alabama lmao na I'm playing man hopefully that shits not true it's just blowing smoke out a teepee I want it to be the showdown of the decade in Tuscaloosa
    It was an old post but thought I would yell at ya and see you going to ga this weekend for the show
    Bud boy I seen in another post you say your grand dad makes a mill I need one what are they like, cost, do you have some pics? And before you give me shit Roll Tide
    Hey I just posted a thread in general discussion would u read and respond I would like to hear your response you don't seem to be a dumbass like some of these people please and thank you
    Hey I friend requested you. I love your dog. So cute. Thanks for the advice, I think I will keep her on blue since I already have her on it.
    LMAO! Do you realize that I have seen convicted felons, street gang members bring their dogs to fight just to make money. They dont go to school and they commit crimes to finance the dog fights. Beleive it or not there are actually people in the country who feel dog fighting should be changed to felony status because they have seen what happens to the pits who lose fights or are bait dogs! You are obviously for dog fighting so I have nothing to say to you because people like you dont care if pit bulls die in the fights or not.
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