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Recent content by bsand

  1. bsand

    BC, Canada: Confo & WP by APBTA of BC

    damn it.... I would have loved to bring remy to do weight pull, but I got a 2-day match to shoot at that weekend. Do you know if there are going to be more of these events? Tried doing a google of APBTA of BC and got nothing.
  2. bsand

    How do you know if they need a sweater or jacket outside?

    Remy hates the cold and rain, he also hates his rain coat because he wears it in the rain. I put his coat on when he won't go for a walk or goes outside and only goes to the washroom and wants to come back home right away. This morning it was 34 F, remy peed and then sprinted pulling me back...
  3. bsand

    Need help about Real old APBT (American Pitbull Terrior) from India.(bit in hurry)

    Your best bet would be importing from Europe. Closer than US to India, alot of good stock out there, my males father came to US from Romainia but he's amstaff. But will be MUCH more expensive as euro is more $ than usd in rupees. My pup was $1250 Usd. You'd be looking at much higher price due...
  4. bsand

    Question about my puppy's ears.

    Remy had similar ears, 3 weefks before I booked his crop his ears were folding onto themselves across his head. Saw that, and decided I rather have him cropped. Also, is your puppy knuckling over on the front left paw? Seems to be held like a knuckling puppy. Could just be the picture, but...
  5. bsand

    Motivating an unmotivated dog?

    What are you attaching to the spring pole? I'm using cow hide, and Remy is extremely lazy, but he'll do anything for anything remotely edible. He trys to just chew on it, so I put it up high enough he could chew on all 4s but after a bit he has to jump up. The best toy I found to build tugging...
  6. bsand

    Diagnosed with Lymphoma

    My local dispenseary has medical cannabis infused dog treats. They also sell tinctures that can be added to any food or treat.
  7. bsand

    Need suggestions on chew toys

    I bought one, within 5 minutes Remy had chewed off a 1/4" peice. Luckily the shop and product have a satisfaction guarantee. I'll stick to deer antlers.
  8. bsand

    Missing leash... Think he ate it...

    Called my vet, he and his dad (also vet) laughed asked same questions. Then said if he can't poop, stops eating, or vomiting bring him in otherwise it should pass within the next week.
  9. bsand

    Missing leash... Think he ate it...

    Found a piece in his poop this morning!
  10. bsand

    Missing leash... Think he ate it...

    This was just pure leather, 1/4" thick like almost 30 inch long if you include the loop and the folded over parts. Like there isn't even a trace of leather left.
  11. bsand

    Missing leash... Think he ate it...

    I just realized that a leather traffic lead was missing. I found one snap on the handle of a shorter metal leash, and I asked my mom what happened to it, she told me she came home and found the metal leash next to the poop bag holder (which was attached to the leather leash) and Remy was...
  12. bsand

    Need suggestions on chew toys

    Remy barely touched his when he was younger. Now he uses both the ball and stick as stress balls for his teeth.
  13. bsand

    Need suggestions on chew toys

    I've given Remy deer antlers and Elk antlers. Not sure about reindeer?
  14. bsand

    Need suggestions on chew toys

    That's what I give Remy (65lb am staff, 20 months old) he still can finish one in day or two if he goes hard on one. I've probably bought 40 since Remy was 4 months old, I've got like 7 left?
  15. bsand

    The Good Thread

    Took Remy to wholesale sport (canadian cabelas/bass pro equivalent), they allow dogs in the store within seconds of reaching the entry we were greeted by two emplyees and a customer.. Remy was loving the attention even got 4 treats. Then I started to browse going through the store, walked by the...