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Recent content by brindle

  1. brindle

    Old man who used to have a few dogs.

    Hi there Chris. Glad you liked the peds and info. Where did you find an article on Castelli and his dogs? I don't remember seeing that. I ran across his son some yrs ago, he was trying to find some of his father's old line but they are gone. A shame. But this is not a good world for the game...
  2. brindle

    JC has passed away

    I am so very sorry to read this. Hard to believe it's been 2 yrs now. I am not online much the last few yrs but happened to check in. Michelle I know he was your best buddy, and you gave him a great life. They take a piece of our hearts with them when they go. I lost my old brindle girl...
  3. brindle

    Damage to snout/muzzle?

    I gather this is a grown dog you are trying to train not to bite/nip in play? I would not correct him by squeezing his muzzle. Maybe try teaching him to Sit for a treat when he gets too excited and tries to nip or bite. Or give him a toy to bite. Turning away from him and ignoring him is...
  4. brindle

    So glad my monster dog didn’t kill them!!

    Yeah my life's been crazy this last yr. And covid has changed the world. I'm hoping to take things easier next yr and spent more time with Annie just hanging out in the back yard. It's hard to believe she'll be 6 yrs old in the spring. How time flies… You were right, you don't want to keep...
  5. brindle

    So glad my monster dog didn’t kill them!!

    Nothing cuter than a baby bunny… My Annie when she was a 8 month old pup ran over a nest of young babies while chasing her ball. Foolish mama rabbit left them in a slight depression in the middle of my yard. My pup was "wow! live squeaky toys!" and grabbed them up. Not much I could do...
  6. brindle

    Venting: dog park

    Well the answer is pretty simple... don't take your pit bull, pit bull type, bully mutt, whatever... to any "dog park". Why set your dog up to fail? Why bother... find other things to do with your pit bull. (This is not directed at anyone in particular, it's just common sense for any bull...
  7. brindle

    grain free to kibble with grains?

    Just saw this… It's been a busy week. I've fed Fromm Puppy Gold when mine was a pup, but I feel the 27% protein is a bit high for most adult dogs -- https://frommfamily.com/products/dog/gold/dry/#puppy-gold The Adult Gold formula is very similar --...
  8. brindle

    grain free to kibble with grains?

    I tend to rotate kibbles trying to stay with better quality ones with a lower protein level not over 28%. I am not keen on the grain free ones and recent studies have pointed to a link between heart problems and grain free kibbles. I've feed high quality kibbles with some rice and grains with...
  9. brindle

    How can we help lower our dog's creatinine level

    Ahhh so it is Teddy who has the troubles, I thought it was Tonka... Ouch! That's a shame he got into some household chemicals, that would make him sick. Maybe try looking up on google what the chemical was and dog's reaction to it, that might give some info on what can help his kidney...
  10. brindle

    Is he too lean ?

    I don't think dogs really need vegetables. There was some info on line about how dogs cannot digest raw vegetables but they can digest cooked ones. I won't fault a food for not having vegetables in it. I know potatoes, peas, and onions are not particularly good for dogs. I do give mine some...
  11. brindle

    Is he too lean ?

    I looked up the Grain Sorghum, here are a few links about it -- http://petfoodreviewer.com/sorghum-in-dog-food/ https://4knines.com/blogs/4knines-blog-home-page/benefits-of-sorghum-and-flaxseed-in-your-dogs-food https://iheartdogs.com/sorghum-should-it-be-in-your-dogs-food/ Sooo… after...
  12. brindle

    Is he too lean ?

    I know Fromm has always been a quality kibble but I have not fed it in a few years so I have not kept up with their formulas. Victor is a decent quality kibble too. I looked up the ingredients in the Victor Hi Pro, here are the first 10 -- Beef Meal, Grain Sorghum, Chicken Meal, Chicken Fat...
  13. brindle

    How can we help lower our dog's creatinine level

    This is related to the liver values, ALT, right? I'm trying to remember, my old dog had very high levels back in 2012, scary high. I think it was like 900 when normal was about 112...? My old dog was 11 yrs old at that time, and we drove across the US with her in an old camper starting the...
  14. brindle

    Venting: dog park

    Here are a couple of the articles about that pit bull adopted out that killed the woman's mother hours after he was adopted. It is a sad case and a needless death as that dog never should have been "rescued" in the first place. From what I remember on the back story, he was left at the NYC...
  15. brindle

    Venting: dog park

    I've not read this entire thread recently but I've read many others on this topic…. Back when I first had dogs there was no such thing as a "dog park". So I never had any use for such a thing. From what I have seen, it is more for the owners than for the dogs. I'd say it could be an...