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  • First thank you for replying!
    ok... so he won't grow much more in height, but he will start developing muscle mass? He is 76lbs now at 11 months. Do you think he will reach 100Lbs? How are your dogs? Oh yeah, I got two more females. One is 26 lbs at 3 months. Her father comes from Iron Cross Kennels and her mother is all Razors Edge. My other female is 5 months 35 lbs and is watchdog and Roach. Who is Roach? Do you know anything about him?
    Bom dia!
    Good eye! His name is now "Shogo king of cali" ...but you were right on his previous name being ike. I got him from Apryl Hall of bluprint kennels. She didnt want to give him up at first....but since I only live a few minutes from her I twisted her arm a bit. Plus she had too many males already. We are prepping him up for a show coming up next month and shes pretty confident that she will Champion him. We also have some plans in the future for weight pull. I think I have seen Ja-bar on another forum a while ago. Is your friend from the Texas area? Anyhow....thanks for dropping a note and we will have to keep in touch.
    Oy tudo bem? My poppa is 76 lbs at 11 months. How much bigger (height and weight) should i expect?
    Life has been crazy, son is in the military, my 17 year old just told me i was going to be a grandmother, mixed emotions, and i have a 13 year old girl, that is an adventure in itself, Between life kicking my a$$ and the new rescue I have just been able to get on the computer now and then, thanks for checking in!
    Thanks for checking things out for me. She knows I'm basically computer illeterate. Did you need something from me? There was a msg from you...
    I got an email that you had sent me a msg through NTBBC. I went to check it out and I can't remember my user name or my email that I used to login? lol Too many sites to keep up with. HELP! How do I find out the information?
    I just got my computer up and joined yesterday! haven't had time to actually look over the site. Really excited about the new site idea!
    I am a member of the North Texas Group already. Jennett is awsome! Is the new site up yet? Tye told me about it and it sounds great!
    Daline, thank you so much for getting those links to me. There is a member here who's dog would be perfect for something like that. I missed seeing you guys on Sunday, I hope y'all had fun coming here and I wasn't here. lmao. How did everything go??
    Hey girl, Can you give me the link to some sort of info on that sport in Brazil where the dogs run up the wall and hang off of a tire or something??
    Thanks for the posts you have put on recently explaining the differences between APBT's and American Bully's. I am the first to say i am not knowledgeable enought to tell the differences and your posts have helped tremendously. I have requested to be on you friends list and hope to learn more from you in the future! Thanks!
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