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  • So, I just realized we aren't friends!
    How crazy is that?
    Lol, so I sent you a request. :)

    And P.S., you need to visit more often!
    hey stark I have tried posting my pics in the AB pic thread. And I went to the pictures tab, upload new file, and filled out the rest, but its not showing up in the forum anywhere...Any help would be great thanks.
    Hmm.. If those GIFs didn't work for anyone I will be so mad.. lol Let me see if I can put a different one up.
    it has been awhile hasn't it? well i've been busy with work,school,and the dogs lately. plus both the city and the schools dance team. it's very tiring especially when we have competitions. lately i've been sick though idk why....maybe it's the weather. anywho i have you're doing good.
    I saw you post about skin issues, and I dont have access to post the feed yet but I wanted to tell ya what I knew.

    My brothers dog also has severe allergies. Found out he has a gluten allergy. He is now on a grain free diet that is duck and sweet potato based. As for his seasonal allergies, they are hard to get away from. But if you go to the pet store you can buy cleaning wipes for your dog. As soon as my brother's dog comes in, he wipes him down with one of the wipes to get everything off. Doesn't stop it, but makes the dog less misserable.

    Also, my dog is on a daily steroid for her Addison's disease, and because it is such a small dose, there is really no issues. If they are going to continue him on a daily steriod ask about putting him on one that contains an antihistamine. My brother's dog is on one, if you want I can get the name of it.
    Hey Stark how's everything?i posted some new pics of Deisel,not sure if you wanna move it to the AMBULLY section.also i wasent sure if i could repost the same thread in AMBULLY section dont wanna hog up room...let me know...lata
    Thanx for asking he is doing great!but he is 54lbs at 7months.
    i was wondering if he has AMBULLY in him.Just wanted some education on AMBULLY
    i got permission to thread in the AMBULLY section so im ready to go.
    I checked out different classes of AMBULLY i think he is classic i have pix of him
    on my profile so plz let me know what you think....thanx STARK!
    Oh, yea, I understand that. I thought you meant someone was out to get me in particular. LOL Sorry I must be paranoid this week.
    haha you'd be surprised.someone stole all of my dogs pictures and claimed it for themselves.you'd be surprised how many people steal other people's pictures and claim it as their own.
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