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  • I`m in California monterey Co.If you ever come to the states I can take you on private property with the sons of my old hunting buddy`s.You can work there dogs with them and see how we do it in the states.you will enjoy hunting with the boys they are still young and even though they have guns preffer to take them with a knife.I `ll start the chant for you !aussie aussie aussie
    Yeah thanks john always good to talk to like minded people...
    I been telling the missus i'm gonna call the baby tusky boar hahaha pretty sure she still thinks i'm serious..
    Before we got the tray back i had a little short wheelbase wagon i pulled the back windows out so the dogs could jump out with out climbing out the drivers window and put a sheet of steel across back of the seats so the pigs didn't rip my seat then i made a trailer so i could put the dogs and pigs in it i remember 1 day went to the mother inlaws to catch a few pigs and had that many i had to put the dogs in the car had to drive 160km home on a hot day with 9 panting and slobering dogs in the back after that the missus decided we were getting the ute hahahaha..
    Use to get some funny looks when i pull up at the roo shooters house with a pile of live pigs in the back so he could sell em for me and dogs on the passenger seat we got the ute 2007 so that wasn't that long ago hahaha...
    Were you from mate??
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