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Recent content by Birchy

  1. Birchy

    They're Here!!

    Congrts Boogie...beautiful pups :sonn_u11:
  2. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    How can you do that when you live on an island?
  3. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    Yes and as I've said, registered, chipped and neutered, aswell as insured as mine are. One dog, not dozens and this was for me, not to pass on somewhere down the line. Maybe you're right Seven and I should just concentrate on my dogs and stuff the rest, after all, it's not our responsibility
  4. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    I wish there was and in the long run I hope there will be but as the law stands, no dog on the banned list can be sold or rehomed, and with bsl the only outcome is death to the poor dog. I dont want to break the law but I dont know what else to do, thats one reason for this thread.
  5. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    The markets always been there...there's always been the basement fights, teenage dealers who want a symbol etc...trying to rehome and not take home to live with me as you seem to be reading into it, in my opinion isn't a bad thing, wrong in the eyes of the law...yes, but morally wrong...NO...
  6. Birchy

    The difference between a mutt and a pure bred....

    Hi Unoriginal...was just stating that not every pure breed is registered and not every registered dog has a good bloodline. We just have to take breeders on their word, the unfortunate thing is that a lot of breeders are more concerned with the financial aspects.
  7. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    I know in principle you are right Nyli...no laws should have to be broken but in all conscience I can't turn my back on the situation. The few dogs I have helped rehome, I've done my upmost to make sure things were done properly. ..Home checks, even though I knew the people personally, all...
  8. Birchy

    The Pups Are 14 Weeks Tomorrow!

    Beutiful looking pups:sonn_u11:
  9. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    And that's the point...this whole country is a Bsl area and the dogs are here. I dont agree with backyard breeders breeding in a Bsl country but it happens and it's these people that cause a lot of the problems, dogs being used for fighting, baiting or just generally mistreated. Ive not bread...
  10. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    Just to reply to that...ive had pits all my life...over 40years...as did my dad and granddad...not exactly just had to have one.
  11. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    If your talking about my own dogs, yes I take them out, and regularly to the vets, they are also chipped and insured. Let me say this, when you're at home later if not already there, take a look at your dog and imagine if someone asked you if you could find a loving home for him or her if a...
  12. Birchy

    Ireland and pitties

    As Michele said...Southern Ireland has no bans or bsl concerning pits, Northern Ireland has same laws and Bsl as rest of Uk. Would advice leaving dog at home though due to all the hassle involved bringing him over for such a short time.
  13. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    What I have done so far is to rehome a couple of dogs and other than that ive been in touch with a few media personalities in the uk to ask for their support in petitioning a change in Bsl
  14. Birchy

    Bsl...the law...human complacency.

    Obviously you wouldn't. ..you'd rather take it to be destroyed than break the law. I'm not the one breeding them illegally. ..just trying to find a good home for some of them
  15. Birchy


    Looks very much like apbt but hard to tell in pics but weight sounds right and stance. Hope you find a good home for him