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Sep 8, 2012
Apr 28, 2009
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Figure it out...
Wouldn't you like to know?


Good Dog, from Figure it out...

BILLBKLYN was last seen:
Sep 8, 2012
    1. chloesredboy2
      Here's a good one you can show to your barber next time you get a haircut.:D
    2. pookie!
      thank you for giving me something to read after so many beers lol <3 nom nom on that undone bun !!!
    3. Vicki
      Give me a few days and I will do some research.
    4. Upset
      are you a moderator?
    5. Vicki
    6. mariamdiarra
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      6.7M from my late father who died mysteriously.

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    Figure it out...
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    I am a male, I have long hair, I love heavy metal. I'm also as old as dirt. I am married. I have kids and a SBT. Stop reading my bio and mind your business.

    Being a loving family man to my wife and kids.