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  • well he is 2.6 years old around 80 but I haven't weighed him since he was 1.5. Believe it or not he was about the same size now when he was about one but he had parvo and almost died. Since then he had a real issue gaining weight dut to the fact that the linen of his stomach was never the same. But due to a good and exspensive dog food EVO he is on his way back. If you notice in the pics my dog has great definition that is due to the running that he does all on his own . one day I took him to a track and ran him around for a few minutes. took him home. And all of a sudden he started to run in the backyard all by himself to the point he developed his own dirt track. hours and hours he runs in circles. SO running your dog will give him the muscular look your looking for and a high quality dog food . Evo is very high in protein your dog may be to young for it. It is recomended that you dont feed your dog evo every day. BUT BUY THE LOOKS YOUR DOG LOOKS GREAT.
    olha so isso depende da dieta dele e se ele fax exercisio ou nao...en crescer ele nao vai crescer mas em tamanho agora os musculos deles ainda cresce ate 2 anos de idade. ate dois anos ele ainda cresce nao em tamanho height...entao olha so tenho uma femia ela pode ficar 65lbs de musculos mas agora ela esta 45lbs de musculos...entao assim depende de como vc condiciona o seu cao...
    thanks she's doing good we just have to leave her ears up for two weeks. isn't it funny how much blue's look alike? i wonder why? m.j. is half, she was giving to us they didn't know who the father was but she takes after her mother
    hey from cali!...
    just wanted to know how your puppy is doing after getting its ears cliped... how old is your puppy?...
    we just got our pups ears done also...
    BEAUTIFUL BOY! I love the color and his face is so sweet. He's gonna be a handsome guy when he's older.
    hey the pup is looking good..if you wanted an american bully I would have to say your pup won~t be looking like one..He will be tall and probably I would say but not 100% sure of course around 70lbs...But he won~t be teh short and stocky american bully...which is good you being a marine I~m sure you~re very atheletic so that way you have a dog that can keep up with you! He is looking great! beautiful pup!
    Olha so ele talvez nao vai ser tao grande como os pais...se voce queria um American Bully isso eh uma coisa diferente...E nem todos consigue produzir um American Bully certo...Acho que seu cachorro vai chegar aos 65 lbs mas nao da pra saber ate ele comesar a chegar nos 7 meses 9 meses ver como a strutura dele ficous pra depois ver se ele vai puder ter a strutura de musculo como voce quer.>E se nao cara ele ainda eh seu cachorro e voce tem que continuar amando e tratando ele bem!
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