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    This is what happens...(Warning Graphic)

    No dog has ever died in ten min. They caused more damage making the dog rebite in different spots. They could of had 100 break sticks and it would have not helped them two. They where both scared of the dogs. Rule of thumb always have collar on your dog
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    Rapper brags about his fighting dogs and gamecocks

    I beleive the dogs are not his. but them dudes in detroit are just that dumb. The way the setup is i would say they do something. i don't know any blacks in the city that own non fighting rosters inless they put all this together for a video shoot.
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    Pitbull Abuse?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zNF3Oemja4 if you gone show his work show at least a half way complete dog
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    Pitbull Abuse?

    This is my last reply cause i don't really care. the video you showed is a dog that is advanced in bite work. The american bulldog calmed down the min the man came out the suit. that tells me these are more sport dogs than real pp dogs. Meaning they have no civil work. I never said it was...
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    Pitbull Abuse?

    Do you know anything about pp. Alot of dogs have started that way. The dog was just shit and makes it look worse. Shit dogs need shit methods
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    Pitbull Abuse?

    The owner of the dog is not a girl. The guy went to walter to train in personal protection. As seen in the video the dog has no drive and basically is a shit dog. With the approach he was try to see if the dog would work in defense. Poking with the padded stick does not hurt the dog just...
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    The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier

    this is one of the problems with dog traning methods like this. If my dog stop walking i would force him to keep going. I would not stop to think what is the problem because you should know your dog. If it was really hot i would give him breaks anyway but he couldn't take his own. I have...
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    Need help for me and my dog...I don't know what else to do anymore.

    did i miss something what is her dog problem? barking at dogs walking down the street. or is he over hyper. maybe you guys read through the lines but i didn't see know problem in all what she wrote
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    Need advice - 9 pit bulls chained to trees in my community

    why not just mined your business. So what there dogs are chained up. You noticed i said there dogs. If you keep sending animal control and nothing is happening that means the dogs have shelter, water, and food. go hang out on a peta site
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    Question on Agression, and to show off :P

    Every one only has tales. there is no facts. if you talk to the old timers that pass the info on you would know. The pitbull was never a bull baiting dog. Dog fighting had being going on years before the pitbull came along. That is why the dog was created.
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    American Pit Bull Terrier vs Belgian Malinois

    neither dog imo is for a starter person in schutzhund. mal are alot more work than people think. for sport work i would go with the mal. they are about the fastest on all your points. what is intimidation index
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    Piper was attacked by 3 dogs in front of my house. sorry for the long story.

    I wasn't going to say sh t about these dumb post you are putting in this post but enough is einough. Why would anyone in there right mind pick a dog up when three dogs are coming at them. you would have to be a fool to hold your dog in the air while three dogs running full speed. you don't...
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    most puppy i know will chew the leash. i also didn't know walking on a leash needs to be a postive experience. every puppy i have ever owned dug they feet in the ground or bucked like a horse. me i may be mean but i just give a little pull slight drag if it may be and say come on. that 100%...
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    let me know what you think (video)

    did you read the title (let me know what you think). the truth is it was bad with not any good points
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    let me know what you think (video)

    if you are going to do a video look at the camera. looked like you were reading off some paper. if you know what you talking about you don't have to read it.