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Atlanta Bully Rescue

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  • Girl, I had to get Vicki to fix my music on my page... and now that I want it changed, I am too embarrassed to ask her to change it! lol
    I would really do lots of research first. Bully breeds should never go to dog parks. Did you read those links I posted for ya on your introduction thread?
    Hi. I am new to the site and am still trying to figure things out. I would LOVE to rescue an American Bully. I love pits, but met my first American Bully today and it was pure love. I am willing to drive to find the right dog. I do have cats so an AmBu that liked cats is important. My pup wouldn't be alone. On days I have to work long hours, he would be taken by a local woman who runs folks dogs at the dog park.... and brings them home. She is an expert on bully dogs. On other days, my pup would come to work with me. I want my dog by my side. Partners in life. Thanks. marcia
    Bluefamily, I tried to sign up but it's kind of confusing. I sent them an email to see if they could explain how to get Atlanta Bully Rescue listed as a charity. Thanks for the info :)
    to catch you again... I posted this on gpb tooo but here you go
    I saw over the holidays Edward Norton promoting his charity work he does on the computer called Crowdrise..here is the thread I posted at the time, that just got lost...but I thought of your big hearts
    jJust saw the news and saw one of my favorite actors Edward Norton (so hot!!) talking about the charitable website he set up to more clearly facilitate charitable giving ..."not just a click and drop" type of thing.. so you can see the follow through.
    I know Redog dave and Atlanta bullies and a few others here and on other website do fosters and rehoming of our furkids so would creating a webpage on the Crowdwise place be something we as a community would be interested in?
    here is the website with a a clearer explanation Crowdrise: How It Works
    It is just an idea I am throwing out...The mods and admin folks are the ones to truly hash it out.
    Whats going on yall,new to site just wanted to say hello to my fellow Georgians.I had a few questions but not sure where are how.
    There are 14,717 pit bulls in desperate need of homes listed on Petfinder.com right now :( If you search "pit bull craigslist" on google, 573,000 links come up, most being pit bulls for sale from backyard breeders...
    Good Morning :)
    You had mentioned that Atlanta Bully Rescue would be interested in being the receiving rescue for the auction for the art piece "The Eyes Have It". If you want to contact me via email stjasmin@charter.net and we can get it set up!! Thanks so much :) Stacey Jasmin
    ps...LOVE the bully in your pic...SO CUTE!!! I love it when they have just a smidge of white :)
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