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  • Your welcome! It takes me forever to get around to adding people because my attention span sucks! :p

    Give the doggies a squish for me!
    I rock? YOU Rock woman! You make me proud to 1. Be a women and 2. Be a pit bull owner. You really are pretty damn amazing Tye. Huge Hugs to you and Kisses to sweet Penny.
    Haha, you're so busy you didn't realize I've been a member over here for a while. I actually started here first and then went over to DCF. I'm mostly a lurker here. But, hello here !
    6 pm sounds good or even earlier if it starts to get cooler but I doubt it will get that cold soon
    If there is enough people for a Basic OB class we will do one, if people from the Bash are interested I will set something up. I also don't charge for returning students to the same class. So if anyone from the previous Basic OB class wants to attend let them know.
    Yes, the intermediate is after basic and to make it more fun we will also learn the Rally-O signs but only the easy ones. For the Advanced OB class I will save the harder Rally-O signs for that class. We can start a class as early as the 11th. I am not sure of the time yet, when does it get dark?? If you can send out a mass email once we have the date and time set that would be awesome. I will post something on Craigslist. The prerequisites are that the dogs should know sit, down, stay, wait, loose leash walking, come, leave it, and a focus command. I would prefer not to have to teach someone Basic OB stuff in an intermediate class, practice is different but if the handler and dog don't know it it will slow down the class.
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