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  • Hello just stop by 2 get a better look @ your dog it has the same pattern like my boy ...nice pic
    never msg me back! what the duce!!!!! hope all is well! so i got ANGELS PAPERS holla! after how fuc**** long geeze well angel just went into her heat yesterday great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well gimme a call lets hook up peace!
    lol the birthdate kept changin according to him but on the papers it says jan 14 th i think i sent them in forgot to write that down , the mom is douglas maya and the dad is douglas bolt , apparently thats cl's regy name. we took him out to get the papers from delta he called saying they were in but had no way out so obviously we wanted them bad enough we picked him up and took him. was sooo relieved. he had like 8 other papers with him for other dogs so figured you must be gettn urs as well. I dont have your number anymore .
    hey, yea he said he's going to come meet me with the papers so am still waiting this week some time i should have them!, i do love pitbull chat iv been on the other one before theirs just so much more you can do on here so if you want to get at me am on here do you still have my digets!, i could help ya download you pic's of you luna.. its easy! well we should link up when you a min let are dogs meet is your phone working hmm so what was the date of birth on your papers???????! and she's in heat .. wow good luck depends all the way :)
    you can pm on here this is a great site iv been on here a while, i love this place! well we should link up take the girls out for a walk id like to meet your loco!
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