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  • If you would not mind leaving this link on your page i have a missing pit bull and i would love to get him seen as much as possible thank you Amber!
    Blogger: User Profile: LeaA
    Been in Hawaii, just got back from visiting my sister, bil, nieces and nephew. I am so happy to hear he is doing better!! Cricket is doing great. We have a little foster, built like a tank and has demodex. She is on raw though so she should kick it soon.... other than that they are all doing great.
    I hope everything goes good with her toe...best wishes!Yes we will take it slow.
    Thanx for all your support!!!!!Keep me updated with your pup
    Hey amber hows everything?
    My baby Deisel is back to normal,he goes back to the vet this sat. for a follow up.
    Thanks!! sounds like he is doing well. I hope he continues to heal and has no further issues!!!
    Wassup Amber?as for Deisel he is doing good so far!no limping and he has been on crate rest and short walks.When i bring him back from a walk he wants to play,i
    have to chase him back in the crate,right now he is taking a nap on my lap.once
    he gets up str8 into the crate again.just wanted to update you.....lata
    Hi Amber...just wanted to let you know that Piper is doing great. I have a few recent photos in an album on my page. I saw the pics you posted with Piper and Zila resting and relaxing. They were so cute!
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