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Last Activity:
Apr 20, 2013
Feb 3, 2008
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Houston Texas


Puppy, from Houston Texas

AmberABCg was last seen:
Apr 20, 2013
    1. EBTs
      I love that dog you have as your profile picture! Do you breed or anything?? (Not looking to breed, just wonderin if there are more like that anywhere around?) I have looked for a good lookin dog like that for a while now. I have a 'ckc' regestered dog that is all that well bred, but I love him just the same and he came from a home where he wasn't wanted anymore. :)
      Nice lookin dog! :)
    2. Dray
      Hi Amber,
      Please send me an email, as it appears that i am no longer allowed to advise from afar, for those who really need it. Not you obviously.
      I do not wish to partake in the constant mindless arguments, brought on by many members who do not even own a Bull Terrier.
      Keep up the good work, but please email me as i would love to talk.

      Dray x
    3. Hucklebutt
      i thought i reckognized you from somewhere.
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    Houston Texas
    I spend time fighting BSL and promoting positive breed representation

    Bull Terrier Rescue, AKC Conformation