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  • Thank you! I need to do a new picture thread soon, and I'll post it big for y'all. It was a lucky shot. Soon as I snapped it he took off after Cleo!
    I'm quite partial to Brindle dogs myself. :D

    Haha I love that photo of him in the hat! Silly boy.
    I have a six month old blue pitt bull. He got a lump on his elbow and everthing I read on the internet sounds like hygroma. Do you have any advice for this should I keep draining it. He is an indoor dog and has a very soft bed to lie on.
    OMG. Can I come visit you haha, that is freakin' awesome! I really want a tattoo of a lap steel guitar, since David used them a lot [I'm a huge slide/blues nerd lol]
    Thank you!! Ace isn't so bad himself ;) lol, jk!! I'm still trying to figure out why her original owners would ever consider rehoming her, let alone actually go through with it. Not that I'm complaining!
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