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  • awwww look at that chocolate pittie, what breed is maddie? well beside cute. i have a soft spot for dogs qith the stripe along their face :-)... go figure lol
    Nice to meet you too! I'm Kim by the way :) I hope all goes well with the no-kill shelter aspirations. That would be a great accomplishment. I volunteer for a non-profit organization fostering responsible Pit Bull ownership. We have also recently turned into a rescue organization. It's a lot of work, but it's so worth it!

    aww, thank you sweetie!! I hope you have luck with the banners... I stink at computer stuff! :p Have a great week!! :)
    Yeah I was going to do that but over here in fl if they think that a Pitbull is not for you they won't let you adopt one I went one day and the pup was jumping on me with joy and the lady said of you wouldn't be able to handle all the jumping I'm like huh are you serious its hard to get a hold when adopting
    hey girlie. i was thinking about getting a pure bred APBT for Diamond to play with. i want another female.. i thought about this name for her .. thought it was very pretty.. Shiest <-- pretty name for a female hehe well hope to find one..

    I used to do full blown rescue where I take in train, vet check and then find homes for the rescues but since moved into an apartment where I can no longer do full blown rescue for right now, so I just help others place there pets by helping search for homes but I cant house them anymore its sucky at times. I mainly just specialize in bully breeds and exotic pets but Ive rescued all sorts of critters and dogs. ever since I was about 12yrs old ive been doing rescue work so its a big hobby of mine. I doubt your jack russel mix has pitty in her, but both your dogs are just adorable. Im pretty good about guessing dog breeds, Ive studied dog breeds since I could read and can point out most mixes and all purebreds mostly AKC but also some of the other breeds.
    This thread is crazy...I can't believe how upset gamers get when you don't justify the dogfighting world...I have 7 dogs in my house and theyare all spoiled beyond belief, so I probably set so far on the other end of the scale that it isn't even funny. thanks for the friends request.
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