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Recent content by 444

  1. 444

    The Pros and Cons

    Livestock guardian dog.
  2. 444

    Confused about showing dogs

    The ABKC, in its effort to include all dogs in their registry (to increase revenue), has four "classes" of American Bully. Including XL, where your interest lies. XL // The American Bully Registry
  3. 444

    Adam Conover ruins the pure breed dog

    Two breeds of Chinese origin, created by the Victorian English ? Seems reasonable...
  4. 444

    What are good APBT sites that show what pure breed dogs look like?

    Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for ? This site has pictures of many of the gamedogs of yore. Pitbull history / Welcome to Pitbull History website
  5. 444

    Official source for The Complete Gamedog?

    The book is out of print, availability is low and the price has jumped considerably. I got my copy directly from the source a few years back. Put it on ebay a few months ago, after seeing the prices the book was fetching and made out quite nicely. If wanting a copy in good condition, be prepared...
  6. 444

    Do I have to rehome one of my pit mixes

    *She explained how things could get out of hand quite clearly.
  7. 444

    American pit bull terrier

    Didn't say I agreed with the information.Just giving some perspective on how wide ranging the theories can be.
  8. 444

    American pit bull terrier

    Diane Jessup's take: Official Pit Bull Site of Diane Jessup
  9. 444

    Best brush?

    Another for the Zoom Groom.Great dry and in the tub.The dog actually gets excited at the sight of the thing.
  10. 444

    what would you call this color?

    Definitely blue brindle.Owning a blue brindle dog,I know how hard it is to get the color to appear as it actually is,in photos.It gets washed out.
  11. 444

    Scrolling pic in upper left-dog with black leather "harness"

    Looks like Stillwaters "ZK leather walking harness". Stillwater Kennel Supply -- The Best Pit Bull Collars (scroll down a bit)
  12. 444

    Yes, Pit bulls Suddenly Snap... LOL (good read)

    I understand where you're coming from and the intent of your post.Just something to keep in mind...many of the members of this forum have spent years fighting the misinformation about the breed.Dealing with the repercussions of said misinformation,etc.There are real problems facing the...
  13. 444

    Yes, Pit bulls Suddenly Snap... LOL (good read)

    While the use of "Pibble" et al and being well versed in the breed,are not mutually exclusive.The regularity of those well versed in the breed using those terms is minuscule in comparison to those who are all rainbows and butterflies,trying to soften the breeds image.I'm willing to assume that...
  14. 444

    New with questions :)

    "All generalizations are false,including this one." -Twain
  15. 444

    Dual Registration Question

    This may or may not be relevant...the only info I could find on the UKC site says,a dogs name can be changed unless titled or has a litter registered with the UKC.This is for dogs already registered with them.I would imagine you could name the dog whatever you wish as a new applicant ? United...