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12 gauge
Last Activity:
May 19, 2017
Jun 2, 2009
Likes Received:
El Culo del Mundo

12 gauge

Puppy, from El Culo del Mundo

12 gauge was last seen:
May 19, 2017
    1. Juice
      Hey haven't been on here in a while i hope you are doing well.
    2. 12 gauge
      12 gauge
      hello there, you are more than welcome. i wish these debate would've been more of a help for our knowledge by accepting the truth and not deviate from it jus because of anybody's choice. feel free to pinch the pics if you'd like.
      the name 12 gauge stock with me because i'm very good with firearms, especially 12 gauge shotguns. I've worked law enforcement for the past 9 years and it seems that it was easier for my co-workers to call me so than Carlos, lol!
      my dog's name is Blake, that's a handsome fella on your avatar!
    3. Rogue Bullies
      Rogue Bullies

      Thanks for your replies on my working bull terrier question. I can see not everyone got along in that LOL. The SBT pics you posted were beautiful. I have an APBT named Gauge is that your dogs name too?
    4. 12 gauge
      12 gauge
      hi, he's almost 5, thanks. sorry for th elate reply but my computer was down
    5. TonynKarry
      I agree that is definately a good looking dog
    6. dakotah
      Hey whats up?
      You have a good lookin dog.
      how old is he/she?
      hit me up
    7. Staffy bull lover
      Staffy bull lover
      Mid west Staffy owners rock! I know I already said it on the thread and didn't want to show to much favoritism, but I am really impressed with your dogs, just perfect.
    8. woody d
      woody d
      just thought id say "hi" to a fellow Iowan
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