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    Whats the best shampoo to use on blue pitbulls? I heard a few dog groomers use antibacterial dish soap

  2. Never use dawn dish detergent often as that will dry the skin out in the worst way. Dawn dish detergent is good for a quick fox with fleas as long as you follow thru with topical or DE.
    Anyway...i use anything for a sensitive skin a lot of people use oatmeal dog shampoo

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    Pretty much what destinoscelgo posted.

    Although one of my dogs has sensitive skin and the oatmeal shampoo backfired because it has grain in it. He has to use prescription shampoo now. Be sure not to wash your dog very often. Washing too often can strip the natural oils on the dog's skin and cause more harm than good.

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    It's much better to brush your dog well and often with a soft bristle brush. Better yet use a "zoom groom" then a bristle brush.
    but if you need to shampoo, buy a good one from a pet store. Not the grocery store9 stay away from Hartz stuff).

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    Quote Originally Posted by _unoriginal View Post
    Pretty much what destinoscelgo posted.

    Although one of my dogs has sensitive skin and the oatmeal shampoo backfired because it has grain in it. He has to use prescription shampoo now. Be sure not to wash your dog very often. Washing too often can strip the natural oils on the dog's skin and cause more harm than good.
    Thats not true at all if you use a good shampoo and conditioner..for example when kept in coat Poodles get bathed every week to maintain the coat wouldnt be possible if it ruined the coat.

    The dish soap is used for super greasy dogs and fleas, I dont know any groomers who still use Dawn though.

    If you have any stores near you that specialize in carrying grooming product go there and you'll find some good shampoos.
    Theres also Tropiclean that is pretty common in stores and is soap less and smells great.

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    I didn't say it would ruin the coat. I said it CAN strip the oils from the skin, causing it to dry out. I liken it to the fact that you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday.

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    I'm a fan of EarthBath products.

    Extremely pricey (where I am it's around $20/bottle with tax) but well worth it IMO. Since switching to raw we rarely bath, maybe once or twice a year if something's going on but when we do we Mango Tango and Tea Tree Oil condition.

    I believe EarthBath has a less expensive product.. Hemp something maybe?

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    I usually just rinse with water, but whenever I bathe with soap, I use Dawn. Mine have no problems with it drying out their skin.

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    We've been using KetoChlor or products alike due to Onyx having skin issues.

  10. I never use a dish soap, it is designed to remove oils. The only time I would ever use this is if a dog had major fleas or had gotten oil of some kind on it's coat. I use diluted Seleum Blue my Vet says it is great at killing yeast on the skin. When I use dog shampoo I like Buddy Wash and Paul Mitchel makes a great dog tea tree shampoo. I also use just plain baby shampoo and that is what I always use on faces.

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    I have a blue nose puppy i have heard that i need to be extremely caution when choosing shampoo's 1 being a blue nose the skin is extra sensitive and 2 most shampoo have chemicals that are bad for her since shes only a puppy and may react in a bad why my question is what shampoo would be recommended for her,? i was think of tearless baby shampoo mix with babyoil or is there any puppy shampoo out there that wont hurt my pockets if you get what i mean..
    Also seem to have light gray spot in her back area when shes clearly dark gray and has very little white only in chest and pawn should i be worried or is she getting a new coat or something please reply!!! i will be grateful

  12. There is a puppy shampoo by Magic Paws you could try out. I use it every once in awhile on my sensitive skin dog. You can find it at any pet store or it has been suggested that oatmeal shampoo works great

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    I use Dawn dish soap on all my dogs. And 2 of them are/were blue. They are inside dogs so they only get a bath once a month. Never had a problem

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    I have magic coat (I think). I don't find it a big deal, as I don't bathe her too often. However, I think this is one instance where it's ok to use products that are tested on animals!

  15. Lol i bathe my dogs like...twice a year

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  16. We use diluted dawn at work. It's used as the preliminary wash, to get all the debris, dirt and oiliness out. Then we'll follow up medicated or regular shampoos. Andy gets KetoChlor or Miconazole and pramoxine once a week for his skin problems.

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    A guy I use to know with a blue ambully uses a distinctive allergy earthbath shampoo if I remember correctly. As his dog did prove to have certain allergies and sensitive skin as most blues. Earthbath hypo Allergenic it was I just recalled. I haven't bathe my girl in a few months, usually only around the summer time when she swims in the ocean and we're out much more. I do like earthbath products though, I use to use their wipes often.

  18. Dr Bronners soap all the way!!!! wowsers! I get a huge bottle when it goes on sale at Trader joes so you dont have to pay $$$$ at whole foods etc!! Neither of my dogs have skin issues, their coats look amazing(until the do the obligatory roll in the dirt/gr$#@! after bath )lol

    peppermint and eucalyptus are my faves....
    i use a tire/wheel brush to lather it in their coat and quickly rinse with friend owns a shop in MD and he says certain plant oils are healthier to keep fleas/ticks at bay than the drops you put on nape of neck.....for that I use neem oil and have not picked a tick off my 24/7 outdoors male!!! We have some bulletproof ticks out here too!!!

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    I like Tropiclean Oatmeal or Neem shampoo for easy to find dog shampoos.

    Chris Christensen's shampoos. They work great, but you have to order them online or get at dogs shows.

    I also use Cowboy Magic and Eqyss horse shampoos on the dogs and love both brands. The Eqyss has a shampoo called Microtek that works wonders on any skin condition.

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