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  1. My rednose is losing weight. I may know why, but could use some extra input!!

    My rednose pitbull, Duchess is a little over a 1 year now and was an inside dog for most of her life. Now that she has gotten bigger
    she is kept outside most of the time unless it's too cold. Suddenly she seems really depressed, and skinny. Although she run laps around the house. If I have my car door open she jumps in and hardly gets out (even if she can't go). She has had her first period cycle so I don't think it's got anything to do with that. She's not pregnant. She's had all her shots. I am making a vet appointment tmrw for a regular check up and to see what could be wrong. She's very picky with her food and a little prissy. So we switched up her food to all meat and have been adding cottage cheese to her food as well as some wet food. Yet she is not gaining. Quite frankly, I'm concerned!! She was however the runt of the little, and her mom stopped feeding the litter soon after they were born........ SO wtf??? Any ideas???

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    Post a pic?

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    Definitely a vet visit is in order. What brand of kibble do you have her on, and also, what is your reason to have her intact? Are you planning to show her or is she just a pet? If so, I would see if the vet can spay her ASAP. No sense in risking an accidental pregnancy and litter of pups.

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    Lets see a pic.
    What food are you feeding her? How cold is it outside? If she's always been an indoor dog, she might be depressed because now she's not... Try bringing her back in all the time, and see if she changes.
    Don't worry about spaying yet, just worry about getting her healthy.

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    She might not be skinny and might just be losing fat from being a inside dog, I think we need a picture of her from the side and one from right above her so we can give you an idea of if she really is skinny or not. Most people dont know what a healthy dog weight is and think the dog is to skinny when its actually completely healthy and fit.
    Also if she was so skinny and sick I dont think she would be running laps around the house... just an observation...

    As for the food, what were you feeding before hand, and what kinds of meat are you feeding her now? Are you following a PMR diet? If so what kinds, how much bone and organ, etc. Also why are you feeding cottage cheese? Dogs dont need it and I doubt if she was wild or feral she would be making and eating it herself..

    Again she might not be skinny at all, and she wont gain weight if she is using her food sources for exercise, like running the laps, or making muscle, do you see bones on her? Specifically which ones if so? Hips? Spine, ribs? All these can be helpful in undersyanding if your dog is underweight or not.

    Runt really means nothing when it comes to puppies, also my dogs mother stopped feeding him and his siblings early at the 3 week mark and he has been on a kibble since then, that didnt effect him or any of his siblings at all.

    If you can provide the pictures and answer the questions I posted this should get us on the right track to help you. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    Try bringing her back in all the time, and see if she changes.
    No, do not do this. If you want her to be an outside dog, coddling her and bringing her in every time she begs for it, whether or not she cries or acts "sad" will only make her do it more. That wont teach her anything except to piss and moan because she will get her way. Similar to raising a spoiled brat child.
    Also its not that cold when a proper setup and dog house is provided, I have family in Wisconsin that keeps hounds outside all winter up there and they are fine.

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