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  1. Does your dog act differently when you're sick?

    I'm home with the flu right now and the dog has been extra clingy. She's usually very cuddly but she's been velcroed to me - following me from room to room, curling up next to me wherever I am, trying to get into my lap constantly. It's either because I'm a target of opportunity since I'm not at work or she's freaked out that I'm acting differently.

    Just wondering if other people's dogs do this.

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    My dog also acted differently when I was feeling sick. He didn't ask to go outside as often, seemed to be quieter and calmer too. He also seemed to be more cuddly. I suppose any change in routine is cause for concern for our dogs.

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    When I am sick my dog clings to me until I am 100 percent well again. She does not let me out of her sight. What was really fun was when I was pregnant with my daughter she got extremely clingy a few days before I found out and for the duration of the nine months not only was she overly clingy she was extra protective. She wouldn't let our other dog at the time near me at all. She would barracade herself between me and other people. The only person she would let near me was my husband. (She wasn't mean or anything about it, she would just position herself constantly between me and other people and animals, okay she was a jerk to the other dog though about it)

    So yeah I think when you are sick (or pregnant) they sense something different is going on.

  4. Absolutely! All of my dogs over the years have been very clingy when I'm sick. Harley and Jake have the names Nancy Nurse and Doctor Death for this reason.

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    Yes they do...they look at me like..."so does this mean we are going to get less attention and no walks? selfish $#@!..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fieldmarshal View Post
    Yes they do...they look at me like..."so does this mean we are going to get less attention and no walks? selfish $#@!..."
    That is EXACTLY how Peyton is. He could give two $#@!s less that you aren't feeling well, but he'll bother the hell out of you to play or go outside because he's bored.

  7. Baily in general is a clingy cuddly dog. When we are sick, she's 50 times worse. She HAS to be laying between your legs when you're laying down. Makes for a lot of fun when you have to rush to the bathroom. lol.

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    Every dog I ever had seems to sense the mood and well being of their owner. I think it is inherent in a dogs senses. Plain and simple dogs sense stuff we cannot. They have even discovered dogs that can detect cancer. Yes your dog knows when things are not right with you physically and emotionally, and will typically calm down and become a source of comfort. They expect you to know when they need you and they know when you need them.

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    No, my dogs act exactly the same as they usually do. When I'm upset though, they act differently.

    Like now, since thinking about what to do with Serenity, she is acting very different from her normal self at times. It's quite annoying. Which just makes me feel bad.

    So, I'm sure they know when I'm sick, they just don't care.

  10. Mine definitely know when I'm sick. They are a lot more clingy I guess you could say. Want to be close to me.....well even more than usual LOL. When I hurt myself, OMG they are all over me like stink on $#@! trying to make me feel better. :)

  11. I dont really get sick but she went ballistic when I sprained my foot and I was limping on crutches

  12. I've been sick for the past three weeks; Andy has yet to give a rat's patootie.

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    Yup. Lucy pretty much pins me to the bed until I'm well, or bf comes to drag me out for work. She's a good little fever inducer though, cuts my sick time in half after 12 hours of sweating my cold out.

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    My friend got cancer and had surgury and star actually stopped jumping up on her and he was bad about it. He got so excited to see her

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    well i was sick yesterday (no more bratwurst for me) Peanut ignored me when he normally is clingy. I couldn't get him to visit me he went off to my family to hang out with them since he got to play with them. when i started feeling a little better he must have sensed that because he brought me his toy to play inside fetch with him. He has been back to clingy today. i guess i have the backwards brat :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoolyBully View Post
    I've been sick for the past three weeks; Andy has yet to give a rat's patootie.
    Yes, I'm wondering where people are getting these wonderfully empathetic Florence Nightengale dogs. I would like to put in an order for one.

    I just got my husband's cold and feel like crap and Veronica sees no reason why I can't get get off my $#@! and play with her and run her in and out like 50umpth times so she can pretend to squat and pee (like I can't see nothing is coming out) just so she can thump the biscuit jar with her nose and try to shake me down. (Actually I think she senses when I am not at my best and exploits the fact that I am high on cold medicine.)

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    I have a chronic pain disorder called Trigeminal neuralgia and when I am in bed due to a pain attack my dogs (Samson an APBT and Daphne a miniature schnauzer) stay right with me. If I don't get up and make them go out to potty and eat they won't.
    Also Daphne has started kind of knowing when the pain is going to flare up and she will get in my face and smell my breath....I know when she does this to start taking pain medicine to try and stave off the worst of the pain. If she was younger and more social with dogs (lol) I would love to make her a service dog so I could go out more and stuff without the fear of a pain attack coming on without warning and incapacitating me.....

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