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    A Beagle mix and a 'pit bull' mix

    Becky - adopted and returned less than a week later for fighting with the other dog over food.

    Oh, and according to a visitor, she looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.

    And this is Abby, the 'pit bull' mix.

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    Becky is adorable, and Abby is really pretty.

  3. Oh my god look at Abby <3

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    aww i love becky she dosnt look mix to me, she looks purebred beagle

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    ^ I think so too but no pedigree means we can't be sure. She certainly BARKS like a Beagle!

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    maybe it's one of those Bejacks. Or a Jeagle, they are VERY rare :)

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    I WANT Becky....give me NOW!!!!

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    Pretty girls! :)

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    Lovely! I hope they get good homes :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttkip View Post
    I WANT Becky....give me NOW!!!!
    Se would compliment Beau well. She's not terribly overweight ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffseagles View Post
    Se would compliment Beau well. She's not terribly overweight ;)
    Shame I'm in the position to get another dog right now, and I've got plans for a Rottie and ACD pups in the not too far off future....

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