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    Trying to find owner/breeder of Show Me Blues dogs....

    I have searched the internet trying to find the breeder/owner of these dogs.....

    Show Me Blues Buckwheat and 'PR' Show Me Blues 500 Proof

    I have a pup off of these dogs that I got from a girl in Maine, but the pup came from Georgia. I know the breeder's name, Belinda Cox....does anyone here have any experience with this person or pics of the above named dogs????

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    I finally found her!!! The dog I got is a Purple Ribbon bred R.E./Gotti line dog......only paid $200 for him, amazing!!!

  3. Purple Ribbon means nothing really other then so many dog in the ped were registered with the UKC....RE/Gotti line dogs are a dine a dozen....Did you get paperwork with the dog when you paid 200.00 for him? Do you have a ped you can post up and ummmmmm we need pictures LOL....We all love to see the pictures!!!!!

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    I was just giving a little info about the dog.....yes, his papers were handed over to me, they are only is puppy papers, so I can't post his ped yet, but I will. As for pics, I don't know why but I can't post one....

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