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    Pitbull runts

    Hello everyone happy new years!
    My friend gave me a blue coated pitbull for my birthday yesterday. It's the runt of the litter and its pretty healthy and playful. I hear a lot of people saying the runts turn out to be the best when they mature. He did tell me one thing to give him extra care. I'll be posting picture in a little bit. But if anyone has pictures of they're runt from puppy to adult hood, may you please post? I'd just like to see some pictures. Any advices and opinions I'll gladly accept. :D

  2. There's a huge difference between the smallest pup in a litter and a runt. True runts usually have medical issues and fail to thrive, small pups in the litter may be small, but if they're as healthy as litter mates I wouldn't call it a runt.

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