Henderson Co. Humane Society searching for possible dog fighting ring

Posted: Jan 03, 2012 5:11 PM EST Updated: Jan 03, 2012 6:43 PM EST
By Erin Meyer Posted by Jeffery Smith

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - A bitten and battered canine survivor could help uncover a dog fighting operation in Henderson.

Police say the dog was badly injured and starving when it was found. Now, the search is on to find the owner.

That dog is now going by Sam or Sammy.

The folks at the humane society of Henderson County say what he's doing, resting at the shelter, is probably the best he's had it in his short life.

He's dealing with multiple injuries, some of which are somewhat graphic.

For the past few days, he's been taking advantage of some much needed R&R at the Humane Society of Henderson County.

"He's becoming very popular, not just here, but other places as well because of his story, because you know he didn't deserve it," says Henderson County Chief Animal Control Officer Jason King

King got a call about Sam late Sunday night.

That call led him to this isolated field about half of a mile from the Henderson dump.

"I show up and Sammy's huddled in a small tight ball doing his best to keep warm," King said. "Had we not received the call when we did, Sammy wouldn't be alive now."

Because of his condition, the tears and punctures on his neck and face on top of being drastically underweight, King and those at the Humane Society suspect Sam was being used as a 'bait dog' in dogfights.

"Bait dogs are dogs that are often weaker than the rest and they are used to entice other dogs to fight," said Director of Operations at the Humane Society of Henderson County.

Now that he is safe, Sam is stealing hearts and getting some special treatment, even a spoon-feeding.

"Sam is going to go to a home that's going to give him 5-star treatment for the rest of his life and we are going to make sure of that," King says.

Until then, the focus is two-fold: getting Sam healthy and finding whoever is responsible.

"The conditions he's come from, the life he's had up to this point has been a nightmare for him, he doesn't know a normal, happy life," said King.

With a little luck though, hopefully soon, he will.

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