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  1. front leg limp

    hey guys, recently I noticed my 8 month old has been limping with one of her front legs, though I cant tell what one it is because she doesn't hold a paw up when she walks..what the walk looks like is say one of her front legs was half the size of the other and shes like stepping down.. its really weird.. I mostly notice this after she is being active or when she gets up from a nap, then she seems to walk it off and is fine in 5 minutes? anyone ever experience this? if it was something serious wouldn't she be be doing this every time she walked? If anyone seen this before please let me know. thanks

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    Bull breeds are known for their high pain tolerance, so just because your dog isn't limping constantly or showing more signs of pain does NOT mean you aren't looking at a serious injury.

    It could be anything from a pulled muscle to a joint issue. If you are concerned about it, or if it doesn't go away/gets worse, I would take her into the vet for an exam.

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    If my dogs limp a bit but still act normal in every other way, I tend to wait 3 days, observe and then if it's the same or worse it's a vet trip...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsAcer View Post
    If my dogs limp a bit but still act normal in every other way, I tend to wait 3 days, observe and then if it's the same or worse it's a vet trip...
    That's pretty much how I approached Sandi's limp. After reading the advise I received here I stopped the exercise that caused the problem & she has not limped again. Another 6 weeks to go, though before she can run at full stretch.

    I would not hesitate to take the dog to the vet if the problem persists, be a shame for such a young dog to end up with a recurring or permanent injury.

  5. if the pup has something wrong with one of the joints in its leg, it will walk without bending that joint. It will look like a person walking with a leg cast. If the pain is in its shoulder or paw, it will favor that leg and pick it up before completing the step.

    When you're trying to figure out which leg is sore, don't look at the pups legs or shoulders from behind. As if you were checking a horse for a favored foot, squat down and look at the dog as it walks toward you.

    A dog will usually look up at you or pull away if you squeeze the tender joint or push down on the shoulder or hip that is sore. If it persists, vets sell glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs, but at that age, she's probably just growing too fast her joints are fusing or she's over exercising.

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    8 months is right about the age for problems to show up if they are loose in the elbows. If it is something like this, it is a purely inherited issue and not a result of how you have raised the pup. There is plenty of info online about it. Watch for "paddling" with the front legs as the dog will be reluctant to bend the elbow joint. I don't really know the best course of action to take but I would be very interested to know how things develop over the coming months and years.

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