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  1. Best age to neuter

    When is the best time to neuter a dog? I have a six month old APBT and I want to have him fixed. There will be a free spay/neuter clinic in my area in the beginning of February. I was told to wait til he was six months to get him neutered and I was curious as to whether or not it would affect him in anyway if I waited til then.

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    Nope, shouldn't be a problem! Close to a year would be better for him anyway, of course as long as you're responsible and will keep him away from intact females til then.

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    6 months is the absolute minimum I would now get a dog altered at... but later is better, as long as - like Kady said - you can be responsible with an intact dog in the meantime!

  4. Of course! The only females hes allowed to play with are fixed. Thanks for the quick responses.

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    I agree with both Kady and Teal.

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    ooo you lucky butt, free S/N, wish i wouldve been that lucky! ;/

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    I think it's a personal preferance honestly. :) 6 months is fine and so is waiting until he is a year! :)

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    I usually wait until the 12th of Never to neuter.

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    I believe it's best to wait until full maturity. Large breeds mature more slowly than small breeds, so anywhere from 15-24 months (depending on breed size) works as long as you can be sure you can prevent an oops litter.

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    While I think there is really no right or wrong answer, I prefer to wait until at least 1 yr for small/med breeds and 18 months to 24 months for large/giant breeds.

    Jack is still not neutered b/c I haven't really seen a need for it. I'm also debating on whether to neuter Riddick or not. If I don't neuter him I can't get his PAL registration and then he can't participate in NOTRA or Lure coursing. But on the other hand, his mother was on hormone injections to stop her from coming into heat and had a silent heat and got pregnant. Several littermates their testicles didn't drop. Riddick has both, but they are very tiny for a hound his age.

  11. What about for older dogs? I have a 10 year old dachshund that needs to be spayed because she leaves blood all over the house...and I want it done. Is she old to do it? What are the risks of that?

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    She is not too old. Because she is older I would have some blood work done along with a full physical to make sure she can tolerate anesthesia, but it that comes back clear then she should be fine.

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    Trigger was neutered at age 2, only because that is when we took ownership. Everything went well and he never went thru any change or acted different.

  14. My friend has his shepard bitch training for protection work with a very big name trainer; he told him Not to spay untill after the third heat cycle. I am not in the spay/neuter camp, but if you are unable or unwilling to manage an intact dog, I would highly recommend waiting untill full maturity so the animal has a chance to develop fully before messing up their hormones.

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