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  1. female dog perineum

    ok so today i was looking over my dog and giving her a bath and i noticed that at 4 months her perineum(area between her butt and vagina) is quite large compared to the other dogs in the house almost looks like that area of her is fat when the rest of her isnt as much.. is this normal? just maybe where she retains fat more? it doesn't look like a perineum hernia but still it looks kinda fat or swollen like

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    I would say take a picture >.< can't really think of how that might look (but I have not slept yet and I work 3rds so yea might just be me)

  3. it wont let me post up the little pop up where u drag the pic over freezes

  4. Click image for larger version. 

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    hmm, looks a little big to me too, I have only had a few females in my life (maybe 6 total?) but yea looks like there might be something going on there

  6. it looks a little exxagerated in the pic cuz how she is laying but it always looks a little big.. i almost think its cuz she is a lil chubby not much though maybe its like a fat buildup like how people get? lol

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    lol that could be, yea the laying down is probably what I am seeing making it look a little off, I remember a chi a friend of mine had (fat female) her butt was just huge hehe, made everything on her back end look distended a bit but kinda fit with her over porky body

  8. i think it is and im just to worried over ever little thing lol.. the other thing is people kept telling me she was easty westy after i figured out what that i was i found its only when she is sitting lazily and i thaught that was weird

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    yea, high quality kibble can help with easty westy a bit I have heard, but my boy is on orijen and he still gets a bit easty westy when he stands sometimes too (not a lot, I only notice because he drops his ankles when he does it)

  10. i feed her canidae for all ages.. when we got her they had her on stator bros market brand and then purina.. since i got her switched to canidae i can see the difference

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    yea I would just keep doing what your doing and her legs should get better or at least not get worse I think that is pretty much the only thing you can do for it, and if they are only that way when she is lazy then she might grow out of it, I think Goren's main problem is he is all legs and they are skinny lol

  12. lol well if u go in the ambully picture section i just posted pictures of her.. it would be hard to call anything really skinny lol but she isnt fat

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    That looks strange and too big - could she be in heat already? My dog's is half that size....

  14. No it's been like that since she was about 2 months old

  15. Does it irritate her?

    My best advice is to consult a vet...I have never seen that before, but I've also only had male dogs except Willow..

  16. We were just at the vet and the lady didn't say anything about it when she was taking her temperature and looking her all over.. And no it doesn't irritate her the only thing that does that is her tail and I think that's normal but she chases it like crazy till she catches it then she goes and lays down all sad looking

  17. lol my dogs chase their tail too so I wouldnt worry ;)

    Some vets won't mention things unless you bring it up. I learned that the hard way when Willow was diagnosed with demo.

  18. Well I noticed that it doesnt seem to bother her and it only grows as she grows I mean compared to the rest of her it only grows the same rate as others dogs would it just seems large to me.. Does it sound like something I should be worried about

  19. Personally...I wouldn't worry until the next time I go to the vet unless she has incontinence or other leaky fluids or if it looks swollen. Next time you happen to go you should bring it up though. Unless it worries you, you can always have it checked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by destinoscelgo View Post
    Some vets won't mention things unless you bring it up. I learned that the hard way when Willow was diagnosed with demo.
    Very true. I had to litterally ride their $#@!es when it came to getting Trouble the tests he needed and treatment and he was a very sick dog. Its like they do the very minimum these days. If you don't notice it as the owner, they don't bother with it. (This is Not All Vets, I've just had a few crappy ones)

    I'd say if you are concerned bring it up to your vet. It does look a bit odd, I'd probably bring it up. It may be nothing but if it gives you piece of mind its worth checking out. If it gets bigger or starts causing problems, definately get it checked out.

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