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    outdoor kennel idea

    My boyfriend and I may be buying a house in like, 6 months. It'll be just him and I and Dylan living there, so I was trying to figure out something better for Dylan than locking him up in his kennel all day.

    I came up with building a custom type outdoor kennel, and I want opinions if it's a good idea. Maybe there's something I'm missing that could go wrong and I wouldn't want that at all.

    So the idea is this. I planned to either build or buy one of wooden "sheds". There are some fancy ones out there, so you can look at them and that's kind of what I have in mind. Obviously it'll be big enough to stand up in, move around, etc. I planned to make sure it had windows and inside, I'm going to divide it. So it'll have one "cage" to the left, an aisle way, and another to the right. Both sides will have a window. And attached to each side will be a doggy door that will lead outside to a small, fenced in area. Big enough to move around, walk, potty, whatever. It'd be completely enclosed (meaning the top) and then it'll probably be cemented.

    I also wanted to hook it up to electric. That way maybe I could hook up a heat lamp in the winter and some fans and/or window AC unit in the summer.

    So does it sound like a good idea? Suggestions are always welcome too. :)

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    The only thing that would give me a little pause is the heat lamp. They just make me nervous about fires is all, other people might not have the same phobias as me. If I'm understanding right it would be hanging well up out of the dogs reach anyway so it probably won't be a big deal. If you can give them a small enclosed space inside the shed, sort of a little doghouse, with some bedding where they can curl up it will heat up enough just from their body heat and they should be fine. Overall I think it sounds like a pretty good plan. You could really hook something like that up nice if you wanted to. Maybe a couple places to hang leads or whatever in your aisle, or a place to store a couple trash cans for food to keep rodents out of it.

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    When I was growing up, I had 2 Goldens that lived outside. Their setup was similar to what you're describing.

    Inside the garage, a small 8x6 (ish) kennel, with a dog igloo and a rug. A dog door separated the outside 12x12 kennel on a cement pad. There was no dog house in the outside kennel because they could go into the garage to get out of the elements. The outside kennel had privacy vinyl weaving on the west facing side for a little shade from the sun. We ended up having to bolt the indoor kennel to the wall because the dogs figured out they could get out by moving the kennel and slipping through the dog door hole. They would be waiting in the garage when we came home. We also had a lock on the door to the outdoor kennel so no one could open the door and let the dogs out.
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    it would cost you MUCH less to build your own kennel than buying a shed.. and no need for a heat lamp, STUFF dog houses with straw, nice and warm. i can actually send you some pics of some above ground set ups, just PM me.

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