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    Utah Scenery/Rave Pictures (heavy)

    These are from the first half of my Utah trip, I have some AMAZING ones from the way home of the awesome red rocks and canyons in the Navajo Nation I went through, they will be up soon, along with some much over due Bear pictures :cool:

    Utah's Penis

    A green mountain, which is amazing compared to Arizona..

    The road out to the desert rave at the cemetery

    We hit something and it splattered a 5-6inch long blood splatter onto the window.

    More mountains..

    The only tree out there..

    My Russian brother trying to get us through the gate to the cemetery..

    The same tree..

    I like how it goes from green to reddish..

    The name of the cemetery, I guess it was an Islander one..

    See, I told ya...

    Right before it got to dark to see, some out building and the moon..

    Friendly stupid bitch..

    Some stupid girl drew on the ground, bitches in Utah dont know about the "leave no trace" parties apparently..

    I attacked Koz with some danger tape lol

    Elvis enjoying some sucky Utah beer

    Stupid Utah kids couldnt catch the scorpion without me helping them lol

    Ghetto set up, but it worked !!

    Pictures make happy kids happy

    Koz is a sucker for buttsecks

    Elvis chillin listening to Koz spin..

    Cemetery right next to the stage

    The next day, at the other rave at the Saltair next to the lake..

    Cool ceiling

    Mountains and the lake..

    People starting to show up..

    This is a cool one, looks like Chubbs McKenzie is holding a little man in her hand lol

    Pretty cool..

    Sun still going down...

    Koz and his $#@!s

    Me and my brother :)

    More ravers.. (Showtek was on)

    Chyeaahh I got on stage lol

    Me and Koz $#@!ing around on stage...

    Talked Koz into jumping into the crowd (Orange shirt is security trying to get him lol)

    Aww poor security lol

    Okay thats it lol for now.. I cant wait until I can get the really cool pictures from the ride home up :)

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    I love seeing nature, people just don't realize just how god damned beautiful it really is.
    I have seen PLENTY of green mountains, what I really can't wait for are the red ones.
    If you ever get an opportunity to, drive from Arizona to San Antonio TX, just going down I-10.
    New Mexico and West Texas are GORGEOUS. Not to mention your own Arizona. Most people never think of the desert as pretty, but those people have never seen a desert sunrise or sunset. Lawls.

    Thanks for the pictures, I haven't been to a rave in a good while. Might haps you have more pictures of the rave you can send? Ala, the TRUE rave pictures. Lawls, I love laughing at $#@!ed up people. Hours of entertainment. Half the raves I went to, I never partook, just enjoyed the show.

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    I like the drawing lol... but yah, i guess it was dumb to do it there. XP
    nice pics. looks like you guys had a good time. where is bear when you go out to rave? you should bring him with!

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    Beautiful scenery :)

    The rave stuff is entirely beyond me, though O.o

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    Hehehee. The picture of the fat chick cracked me up.

    She did kinda scare me though.

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    Yea we have some awesome mountains and stuff in Arizona, its really pretty. I just hate how hot it is all the damn time.
    More rave pictures? LOL I have more rave pictures than you would know what to do with!
    I usually just drink at the raves now, I past the whole rolling thing.. Now if some K pops up, I cant not do it :p

    Bear stayed at my families in Phoenix, with his hurt foot and all I didnt want to bring him and have to keep him locked up the whole time. Next time he is for sure coming with me :) I should be going up there this winter and I bet Bear will love to romp in some snow.

    When I took the picture with the fat girl in it I thought she flipped me off, and I had a few Crown and Redbulls already so I got up all pissed off about it lol then I noticed she was just doing whatever with her arm lol

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