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Thread: Swollen knot??

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    Swollen knot??

    I have a rescue pup (that was only supposed to be temporary.... and I've had him a month now.. lol) and the other day he had a knot come up on the top of his head, in between his ears. It doesn't have fever in it, and its smooshy, not hard. It doesn't seem to cause him any pain. My friend dates a vet and when I called her about it, she said it was normal and to just keep an eye on it. He eats and drinks as normal and it hasn't affected him in anyway. He is never unsupervised, so no accident has occured (bump on the head, Mallie getting too rough, etc..) Has anyone else on here seen this? (Forgive me if there is already a thread on this...)

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    normal?? I would not call that normal. A squishy bump that forms on the top of his head I would not consider normal. It could be an abscess, if you pull back hair there may be a teeny tiny entry point somewhere.

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    I don't think its normal either.... I have inspected his head with a fine tooth comb and there is no mark, no evidence of a bite, no redness, etc.... He was just neutered last week and I have to take him back next week for a recheck on a skin issue he's having- but I really don't want to wait that long. Just wondering if anybody here has seen anything like this before. Looks like a vet visit sooner than planned. :/ (he was dumped at the local pound and was starving, and now the little thing weighs 21.9 lbs ... lol)

  4. It doesn't look normal but it could just be some sort of cyst, even though it is probably filled with fluid keep it closed so infection doesn't get in. If you need to go to the vet any way I would take him earlier just for peace of mind but it is probably nothing much despite how it looks. That pup is cute. Google it might give you more answers.

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    definitely would want to get it checked out, it could be an abscess that formed from a spider bite or something so where the bite was it might form an exit point like a zit or boil. The problem with abscesses on the top of the body, they do not drain well. I personally have never taken a dog in for an abscess I just keep it super clean and flush it daily but I would take him just to make sure that is what it is.

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    Ok, you said you keep it clean and flush it daily.... there is no opening or anything. Did you mean after having it drained at the vets? There is not as much as a pinhole there. And yes, I just asked someone on FB about it and he said he should be ok til next week, when his existing appointment is. Just makes me worry.....:(

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    oh yeah, after it comes to a head and opens (which it will if it is an abscess), IF it is an abscess and not a cyst. If he is acting normal eating drinking normal play activity no fever then I would not worry either and just keep the vet appt. However, if it is going to make you overly worry and stressed about it you should just take him in for your own piece of mind. I am not a worrier and don't typically stress about weird stuff on the dogs so I myself would just wait it out.

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    I would take the pup in sooner rather than later.. That doesn't look normal at all, not sure why a vet would say that, especially without seeing it.

    Does it move around under his skin when you touch it?

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    Unlike AmberL, I'm a complete worrier

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    No, it doesn't move around. Its just "smooshy". There isn't a m$#@! or hard substance.. I don't want to mash on it with too much force, but it is just like its a collection of fluid or something. I might just take him in anyway. Better safe than sorry. :/

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    That pup is cute but the lump would freak the $#@! out of me..personally id get the puppy to a vet to be safe.

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    Yeah, SlayerGirl... it is freaking me out a little. I have just about decided to go ahead and take him in this week instead of next week just to be safe. Earlier, he was sleeping and started jerking and I just knew he was having a seizure or something-- turns out he was dreaming. LOL So yeah, I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I get him checked out.

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    Make sure to keep us posted :)

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    I didnt read all the replies BUT lol Bear had one right above his eye on his "eyebrow" one time, I found out it was because he was at that stage in growing, where the coffee table was head height and he was running into it and banging his head into it all the time.

    It didnt hurt him, just looked so freaky lol but yea, he got another one not to long ago from running into the table again, he looked like a damn blue unicorn!

    I never took Bear to the vet for them and they would go away after a few days, even though they looked horrible..

  14. So what did it turn out to be?? My boy zeus has the same thing amd they told me not too worry about it but its hard not too seeing the big bum everyday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nlstylin View Post
    So what did it turn out to be?? My boy zeus has the same thing amd they told me not too worry about it but its hard not too seeing the big bum everyday
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