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    Unhappy How to train my 10 month old pitbull?? he wont listen

    Ive had my mufasa since he was 6 weeks old and has always been hard headed and doesnt listen. I know ive probably been a bad trainer and havent given my dog all the attention he needs in the past, but im trying to change that now that I have alot of free time.

    We have two pits at home, my 10 month old red nose and my bothers 12 month old blue pit. They are both males and grew up together. They dont sleep together anymore (separate dog houses in separate fenced areas) and are best homies. When you take one out the other gets jealous and cries so I try to train them in the garage where the other cant see. My bothers dog is way more obedient than mine and he doesnt even spend that much time with him lately cause of work.

    Well know that you know a little about the setting and dogs, how can I get my dog to listen to me, is it too late to start training him?
    I take him for walks and he is always well behaved, never barks at anyone and doesnt pull $#@! leash unless my brother is walking his dog too and he is in front. Today I wanted to teach mufasa to stay and come on command by using treats but after about 4 min he wouldnt even sit anymore (sitting is about the only thing he knows how to do). Then after that he just layed down in the corner of the garage and wouldnt do anything not even come for treats. Its really frustrating that he wont listen and I wish I would have started to train him earlier but I was too busy with my senior yr at college.

    What would be the best way to approach this situation?

    oh and btw this is my first dog so thats why I am totally lost. Thanks for your help
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ginomac View Post
    Then after that he just layed down in the corner of the garage and wouldnt do anything not even come for treats.
    Sounds like he got so frustrated he gave up. It seems to me he doesn't understand what you want. Just because your brother's dog does this or that...or even picks things up better has nothing to do with your dog-treat him as an individual. If you break it down in smaller increments you might have better luck. Don't $#@!ume he knows something. If he isn't offering the behavior 95% of the time you ask for it-then he doesn't understand.

    Imagine someone dropping you off in a foreign country and someone else taking you home. They keep saying the same things to you but you have no idea what they're saying because you don't speak the language. They keep saying these things and then eventually get pissed at you. It's kind of like that-you're dog doesn't speak human.

    Are you aware of clicker training? If your dog is easily motivated then this is likely your best bet. You can search for it here or look it up on line. Basically the idea is that you load the clicker, then ask your dog for something, and you click when he does it. There are more steps to it than that, but that's the overall. It is really easy-especially if you have good're telling the dog-that right there at that specific second is exactly what I want you to do. And then there's no more foreign language confusion.

    What about signing up for an obedience cl$#@!? Typically their goal (even though they don't advertise this was) is to teach people how to train their dogs.

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    Get him into obdience cl$#@! ASAP. These dogs need a strong leader.

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    This^^ a breed savvy obedience trainer too would be best if possible. This breed is highly intelligent, and will easily get bored and will get frustrated with you. There are some great videos online for clicker training. I am sure some of the other members can give you some links!

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    Training can be done everywhere/anywhere, in the fenced area, on the walks, just a few commands, make it fun, he probably thinks "aw crap, here we go to the garage again, that's no fun". I certainly agree with getting him into cl$#@! and if this is your first dog and you chose this breed, stick around, like me, you have a lot to learn and this is a great place to learn it. I make Abby work for everything she gets, food, toy, hop on the bed, NILIF is great.

  6. Like mentioned above, obedience cl$#@! is your best option.

    It is hard to give advice without sufficient data. You mentioned it is your first dog, so maybe you are doing some basic things wrong. For example, do you free feed? If you do then your dog will not have the necessary food drive to use marker training. So you may want to start there. Then try to find out what is his favourite treat. You can start to categorize them and use them for specific situations. High value treats you use in very distracting scenarios. Since you are just starting, also don't do long sessions. If I were you, I would first play with the dog. He doesn't know what 'come' is, so dont call him to you yet. Just play and lure him with the treat. You can read up on marker training and load the marker while feeding the dog. Don't try to rush it, take your time and establish the fundamentals first. Once you have this the rest is much easier.

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    Where are you at in Michigan?

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    First of all thanks for all the useful advice. After you guys mentioned obedience training I found this video:

    and I have made alot of progress with Mufasa. I feel like if I follow the videos advice Mufasa will be fully obedient in a couple of weeks. If this doesnt work then I will move on to clicker or marker training.

    Today I was working with him in the backyard not the garage and I will take him to the park tomorrow so he can have different distractions while learning.

    Im not sure what exactly you mean by free freed, but if it means leave his bowl of food outside so he can eat whenever he wants then yes.

    Omgrobyn: I am located in downriver area.

  9. I would recommend you get a proper book or video on dog training instead of using that video clip. Your best option is still to go to Obedience Cl$#@!. That video has many misleading things. For example, not all dogs will be motivated by praise alone. What he calls heeling is really loose lead walking. Just some pointers I was able to pick up. Don't go changing training techniques too often, you will ruin your dog.

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    I sent you a PM.

    Obedience training isn't just a quick fix that only takes a few weeks, it takes months and years, and without realizing it you end up training your dog for it's whole life. And pick a technique and stick with it. Changing training methods too fast will just confuse your dog.

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