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  1. Anybody done the DNA breed test?

    Hi Guys: My girl Olive is supposedly a pit bull/boxer mix. I would love to do a DNA breed test on her to see what all she has in her. However, it seems most of these tests do not include amstaf or APBT. Has anyone done a breed tests on their mixed dogs who can recommend one.

  2. No, I have not done the test. It should test for American Staffordshire Terrier and might come back as that, since ASTs and APBTs are brothers from different mothers so to speak, but I'm not sure.

    It is not worth the expense to me, because it will not tell me that I have a wonderful pet that is loved and well cared for ... and that's all I need to know ... lol :)

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    I think the test do have Amstaff, because I think most test have AKC registered dogs, but not exactly sure.

    I believe MaryEllen has had her dog DNA tested. Right?

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    I have not done one, I just came across an article that was interesting though....

    Depending on the reasoning behind it....unless you just have money to blow for whatever reason you choose, then I would p$#@! it up!

    But like I said, depending on the reason behind it, if it will help save his life, then I would do it.....but just to know.....nah!

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    I have heard about several people who have done it, and their dogs came back ALL sorts of random things - purebred dogs, with documented lineage, came back as completely unrelated breeds.

    If I was bored and had the spare money, I might do it just for kicks and giggles, but I wouldn't put any real merit in the results.

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    The Vet Hospital I worked at in Atlanta we had the Wisdom Panel MX. It did have Staffy and AmStaff. It had AKC breeds. Some of the test out there are very limited on the breeds they have. I am still in the air on the DNA tests. Here is the link to their site.


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    I did 2 DNA tests but I'm still not swayed by the results....

    1st was the Canine Heritage cheek swab - but it was (only weeks) before they came out with more breeds including the AmStaff... to we basically got "bulldog" results on that one.

    2nd one was the Wisom Panel blood test and it came back 1) Blank; 2) boxer; 3) mix of (in NO specific order): bull terrier, bull mastiff, kerry blue terrier, french bulldog and lab ----- HUH?!?

    Someone on another board recently tested (canine heritage) on her champion POS (I can't remember which) and it came up with traces of something like Husky and that makes you go, Hmmmm.

    I wanted to believe the results for my dog but still believe I have a pit mix despite the results I got. I don't think this type of test is quite ready yet for the m$#@! market. I bet they can accuratley determine parentage but percentages of DNA may not be accurate yet....

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    Here ya go: [ame=""]YouTube - Canine DNA test results[/ame]

  9. Wow I loved the video on Savvy. It seems to me the border collie bit was a stretch. I can see perhaps Boston Terrier but she clearly is an Amstaf (a beautiful one I might add). I think I will re-think the whole DNA testing bit. Thanks for the input.

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    Genetic testing

    I did a genetic test on my registered APBT yesterday. I am praying that his results come back as crazy as some of the others I have read about. My motive is that I am trying to move into a townhome that does not allow Pit bulls. I would never want to mess with the Denver law. I want to live outside of denver city limits where my dog is allowed by law. But the rental people are impossible if you have a dog that resembles a pit, let alone a 90lb pure bred.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    All I know is that the vet I work for did the Wisdom Panel on her dog, who she knew for sure was 50% Springer Spaniel (she saw her come out of a pure bred Springer Spaniel bitch) and Springer Spaniel did not even show up on the test at all... we stopped offering the test after that.

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    those tests are junk

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