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  1. Red/Watery/Pusey Eyes?

    My Bugatti has had red/watery/pusey eyes the past couple days. I do not know how he got it. What could this mean? And what do I do to solve this problem?

  2. This should be in the health section. Hopefully a moderator will see and move it for you as you will get more responses over there.

    There are any number of things that can cause this. Scratched corneas, infections, possibly pink-eye, or it could be symptoms of an illness or disease. Might even be allergies.

    As far as what you can do, the only logical thing is to take the dog to a vet to find out what the issue actually is in order to know how to treat it.

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    LOL you should never write pusey ($#@!) purulent is better. And purulent does not look like another word. LMAO One of the first things we learned in school.

    With that said. Like Gator said it could mean alot of things

    If they had a scratched cornea (ulcer) they would be sensative to light, holding it closed, and have colored or clear discharge

    Conjunctivitis is an infection of the membrane lining the eyelids the layman's term is pink eye. Which will also cause the same as above symptoms

    Illness or disease as well. Are they eating, drinking, vomiting, diarrhea, activity level?

    Allergies is the dog itchy, licking paws.

    One of mine with seasonal allergies ALWAYS gets green discharge when his allergies are flared up.

    KCS (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca) also known as Dry eye. Can cause discharge.

    Best thing is to go to the Vet and see. The eye is not something to mess with. Put the wrong medication in there and the dog could lose the eye.

  4. good idea mentioning other symptoms along with the cause. :)

  5. I work for an ophthalmologist's office and the one thing I would try first is regular lubricating drops. You said one the symptoms is watery eyes which is sometimes $#@!ociated with dry eyes. You can try Systane or Blink - those are the best even for people because they are preservative free. If that doesn't work I would go to a vet just to have them check it out. Hope this helps!

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    allergies can cause pink eye for dogs, cheap antibiotics and a eye cream for a month is what they gave daisy

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