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Thread: Dog Metabolism?

  1. Dog Metabolism?

    I've noticed how much people feed their dogs is less than I feed mine. A 30lb bag of TOTW lasts me just about 3 weeks for two dogs.

    Charlie does about 3cups a day and Avi does 2...Avi is 45lbs and Charlie is about 55lbs. We do a moderate amount of exercise. About an hour and a half of going fairly $#@! the flirt pole, spring pole, fetch up hill, or swimming...

    My dogs are not fat...Charlies got 3 ribs showing and has a nice tuck...Avi is good body weight, no ribs showing but she has a good tuck as well...

    Does this mean their metabolism is high? Is this stupid question? Its just been making me curious every time that someone feeds their 50-60lb dog 1.5-2 cups a day...not to mention that would save me some major $

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    eh, i think it is just based on your dog as an individual and their exercise load. Peanut eats 2.25 cups of food and 1 8 ounce raw patty a day. he gets A LOT of exercise so the more he works out the more food i give him. the less exercise he gets the less food he needs. i adjusts his feeding as we go. he doesn't have a set feeding.

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    I agree, every dog is different!

    When I fed kibble (Acana grain free) Lily ate 1 cup a day and Scout ate 3. And they are within 10lbs of each other weight wise!

    Now on prey model raw Lily gets between 0.75-1lb a day and Scout gets 1-1.5lbs a day. I've noticed that Scout is a little thriftier on raw than she was on kibble.

  5. Ugh...couldn't one of my dogs be a light eater...maybe I should make the switch after I move...I really think charlies system works better on a higher protein diet.

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    Well part of the reason Lily is so thrifty is because sled dogs were often bred to be that way. Where as Scout was "bred" by a crazy hoarder guy who wanted to go north and sell sled dogs. I'd like to beat that psycho...

    Very well could help! I know Lily had way better muscle on the 40+ % protien grain free kibbles and Scout did better on kibbles in the 30's% range. :)

    He looks very good in the pic to me. :)

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