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  1. Help!! Another lump!!

    well i have noticed another bump/lump on my dog buddy. he had a tumor removed from the back of his neck near the base of his skull, on APRIL 21, 2011.

    he recovered well from that, no infection, all good.

    about 15 days after the surgery i noticed this bump on the right side of his head. it looks almost as if he smacked his head of something really super hard.

    now it is the 16th of may, and that's 26 days later after the surgery, and he yelps every time i open up his mouth to give him his baby aspirin (81mg). and i noticed he doesn't chew on his snoopy squeak toy in the last week or two, also i noticed he doesn't yawn either, and i can touch the lump all i want, he doesn't make a sound or act like it hurts him.
    but....when he opens his mouth up, past just a little bit, it will hurt him and make him yelp. he doesn't willingly open his mouth up very far anymore.. and also when he chews his bill-dog biscuits i can see he is kinda of apprehensive to chew hard when he needs to, but does anyway, just not as fast as he did 3 weeks ago.

    so in short he had a tumor removed on 4-21-11, and now on 5-16-11 i found a lump on the right side of his head and it makes it hurt when he opens up his mouth over like half way open.

    i need this dog to be okay, i have been crying literally since saturday night when i noticed how much it is bothering him. i have had 15-30 minute breaks between being stricken with saddness and crying, but as soon as i notice something of his, or whatever i start freaking ballin' my eyes out.

    this morning he seems pepy and such but still the lump and hard time opening/chewing still.

    now what i do for him, as i KNOW for a fact it works on him and he likes it, is make him some Medical Marijuana Cannabis tea and he is able to rest perfectly and when i open up his mouth to give him the pill it takes me opening his mouth up farther before he yelps, and he yelps not quite as loud either. i have a MMJ recomendation and he gets only veganic cannabis for his tea.. 100% OF THE TIME HE ACTS LIKE A NEW DOG AFTER THE TEA. he naps for a few hours and wakes up feeling as good as possible given the arthritis and damn lump he has to contend with.

    goijng to the vet on Wednesday.

    any ideas on what the heck it is, other than horrible "C"
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    if it's near his jaw at all, it sounds like maybe an abscessed tooth perhaps? I know when I had one several years ago, it didn't bother my baseball sized lump to poke or touch it on the outside, but hurt like hell if I moved my mouth at all.

    kudos for the tea trick! I think that's fantastic you've found something that at least helps him some!

    I hope you figure out what it all is soon, and I'll cross my fingers for you that it's nothing too serious!

  3. thank you, very much, you know i have had him since the age of 6weeks, i was in jr. high and i sold my playstation paintball gun and scoped out high power bb gun to get the money for him. i saw him and was immediately in love.

    as for the TEA method, i do have a MMJ recomendation from the doctor. so i am legal.

    for any body who is interested, it does work great for his arthritits and my buddy got a lab that he got the same exact time i got buddy and he too has a bad touch of arthritis and i make him some tea too for his dog and it also works great, his dog is in better shape and when he takes it he is like a fresh 8 year old dog.

    The Recipe For "Canine-abis" tea is as follows.

    my dog is 90 lbs, i use a .25-.35 gram piece of INDICA or INDICA heavy hybrid cannabis. it comes from a local club, so it is certified "VEGANIC" and pure with out any harmfull heavy metals and such, this is important for older dogs or dogs with compromised immune systems/recovering dogs, etc. and any body consuming cannabis either medically or recreationally.

    any way here it is in list form:

    1).Grind up a .25-.35 gram of bud,
    2). get out some milk, i use 6 .oz of vitamin D milk
    3). put finely ground cannbis in a tea steeper or un-staple a normal bag of tea and replace actual tea with ground cannabis.
    4). heat milk on very ery low heat, just enough to get it close to boiling.
    5). add a bit of milk fat or pure butter, i use less than a tablespoon of either, only use one or the other though
    6) cover and heat on the lowest setting for 20-30 minutes.
    7). squeeze excess liquid from the wet cannabis tea bag
    8). add some creamer like coffee mate hazlnut or vanilla for taste
    9). give to dog.

    being a heavy or pure indica type of cannabis the effects will be more or all body buzz feeling, like narcotic in nature, not heady or racey or paranoia inducing.

    i useually get him his own bit from the dispensary and let it sit in a jar for a few months to let more of the THC break down and degrade into CBN/CBD which is the pain reliving compounds in cannabis.

    you can also have the peace of mind knowing you have made your dog feel better than any vet prescribed arthritis medication, available, period. and it is organic, and century old techniques that have not had a fatal reaction to any body or anything in it whole use throughout history. his liver will thank you.

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    Wow- I've always praised the medical qualities of cannabis but I never knew it worked on dogs as well! I wish I knew that before my childhood dog died. I had a lot of indica-dominant strains at the time but I didn't know, so I didn't try it. :(

    Anyhow, best of luck with your dog. It could be an abscess...

  5. great thank goodness, i thought i mite get attacked like i did at pets mart when i told a lady to give her dog that in the $80 A BOTTLE gnc dogs rip off crap. she flipped on me yelling i was "a neglector and abuser"

    any way the lump/bump is in the ver top of his head on the right side of center head dividing line groove ( the deep grove these dogs have between their eyes running to abou the middle of their head and flattening out)

    maybe the bump is just that a bump, and the abses is coincidental and im over thinking it. i dunno.but i am sure the ump has been there for at least a week.

    i guess we'll see what the vet says.

    side note the strain used is afghani#1 X NL#5:)

  6. OKAY,

    i ws at work today, i got a phone call from the wifey, " buddy just coughed up blood"

    i was freaking out. i came home at 5pm and she showed me a picture she took of the blood and it was straight blood, like if someone was to punch you in the mouth.

    so i drove super fast to the vet , they stayed open.

    im thinking the worst, hemoraging, etc.

    well he couldnt open his mouth up good and far because of the amount of tarter built up on his molars.

    the bump on his head is nothing he said, like a syndrome they get around this age sometime, were he looses a bit of muscle and it looks funny, the lump is muscle in his head, just it is more pronounced than before becasue he lost some m$#@! around it.

    the blood was from the gingivitis that the tarter build up caused, he cracked the tarter off with a pair of small medical pliers.

    gave him a shot to help his muscles not ache, gave him clindamyacin for the gingivitis and such.

    all is well, THANK GOD, i am at work breaking out in tears as i am waiting on customers.

    i love my dog soo soo much, he was my crutch during some REAL bad times in my life. i was a IV drug addict, i used heroin, he helped get me clean,

    he is unconditional, loyal, and unlimited in the love he shows me, and i too mutually

    i literally felt like blowing my brains out , (i wouldnt, dont worry) if i lost him all of a sudden, i would like a good fair warning when that happens, not wake up one saturday and my dog cant open his mouth, has a new lump, and is spitting blood out, that was a lot for me to see.

    like i was looking in his eyes and picking up on serious pain, for this dog to yelp from trying to open his mouth, tells me something is wrong cause he hasnt ever really yelped in pain in his whole life except for when i stepped on his tail once.

    thanks yoyu all for the support, he is okay. thank god

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    Wow that's great that things went so well for you!!

    Thats so sweet the bond that you have with your dog, they really are great when you're going through things that most people wouldn't understand or judge you for. Its great that your clean.. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Its funny that you mention medical Marijuana for dogs, I was wondering that for a long time since my first dog was hit by a car and gets pains in his legs where he has metal rods. The vet at the time mentioned it to me but its not legal where I live (PA) Now my new puppy is very sick and not holding down food and I'm curious once again if that could help ease his stomach as it does for cancer patients.

    Doesn't matter any way because I would be sent to jail, he's just been having such bad reactions to his medications, and I"m worried about liver damage. I couldn't imagine Marijuana being harmful to a dog if ingested in tea.

    Its great everything you've done for your dog, and it seems he's done the same for you... if not more <3 Good luck with everything!

  8. WELL if i was you i would procure some MMJ either way, no one will know unless YOU tell them, they arent giving dogs THC $#@!ays at the vet. LOL

    okay what i also have found out is this, he still has a problem opening his mouth, not due to the amount of tarter that was built up, or the gingivitis making his gums sore, he has something called "
    Masticatory muscle myositis"

    Masticatory muscle myositis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    now that i think about it he hasnt touched his kong toys in over a year. but he did chew like mad (nibbled with his front teeth) his squeak snoopy and woodstock toys, and now he cant even fight the vacuum cleaner

    even if a dog ate a pound and a half of marijuana, he would be fine, he would just sleep all day and probably the next. in all the thousands of years that marijuana has its use documented it has never seen a fatality or overdose, it is pharmacologicaly non-toxic

  9. well buddy seems to be really having a hard time chewing, he cant yawn anymore or sneeze, i have to itch his nose for him, but i do no mind at all.

    i just dont want him to be scared of what is happening to him. loosing movement of his jaw and all. and on top of that, the tumor on his neck that i had removed, it started to grow back. and he has such terrible arthritis, i mean everything for him is a chore now. but not wimpering in pain or anything .

    the tea he takes makes the arthritis better and also eases the masticatory mmuscle myositis , but it knocks him on his but for a few hours and makes him all stoned- ish for the day. but the day after and after the immediate effects of the tea wear off he is fine, alot more happy and easier time getting around. but i hate to loose any face time with him while the tea works it magic.

    i just dont want him to be scared of his situation.

    please pray for him.

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    Awwwwwww........ man.... this is what my Deeohgee's sister had. :( She wound up having to euth her. :( We were warned to keep an eye on Deeohgee as it could be genetic. I'm really sorry. It was awful listening to what Fenways owner went through with her.

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    Blessing and prayers to you both...You are lucky to have each other

  12. i started to give him prednisone last monday, they had him on 80 mg a day. i saw it was making him not even want to move, urinating in the house, and all, so i called the vet and asked can i ween him off quicker than 2 weeks at a time, ( 2wks-80mg a day, 2wks-40mg a day, 2wks-20mg a day,etc) they said to cut the dose in half 5 days at a time, which i was, and he showed marked improvment, actually letting us know he wants to go out, and getting up and walking.

    well today i was giving him some water, and a freaking seizure happend, i freaked out, called the vet, and they said monitor his temperature, keep him calm, and he would probably have one or two more.

    he had three and bit his tounge apart, and cracked his teeth, i was forced to euthanize him. im dead inside. i want to just $#@!ing die.

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    Oh man... I am so, so sorry. :( My old girl Nyx was seizuring when her liver started to go. It was so scary. Run free Buddy. You were lucky to be so very loved. (((HUGS)))

  14. I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP Buddy

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    I'm SO thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    Run free Buddy.

  16. thank you all for your support during these last few months. it really goes a long way.

    i am lucky to have people that care about him as much as i do.


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    Oh no I am so, so sorry. :( (((hugs))) RIP Buddy.

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