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    Guess What My BF Did..

    Well... I had to buy a new light because the old one broke so we used a reg. bulb which caused algae to grow like mad.. And I had some extra money so my BF fell in love with these Platy, which (because I am a nice girlfriend) bought for him.

    So.. We finally get home, and man does this light make the tank look cool!!! BUT there is hard water and algae on the gl$#@! cover, so my BF asks if he can scrape it off with a razor and clean it in the tub and stuff.

    I screwed up here.. and got on the phone with my Gma and wasnt watching my BF like a hawk.

    I get of the phone and go to bathroom to clean the tank lids with a scrubber to get the algae off the gl$#@!..

    Come back out and wipe them down with the rag, and put them back on.. then I notice it...

    The unmistakable smell of ....pine sol.... :eek:

    I ask my BF why the tank smells like pine sol and he goes "Because I was cleaning the tank with it"

    Oh. My. God.

    I made him show me how he used it and where, then took everything off the tank re-washed it, and re-cleaned all the plastic with a clean rag and nothing smelled like pine sol afterwards..

    I dont think he got any into the tank, it was diluted pine sol with water, mostly water.. and he didnt spray it on the tank, he put it on a rag and cleaned the top of the tank..

    Poor guy. I scared the hell out of him because he seriously didnt know this could kill ALL our fish. Even his.

    I just got done doing a 50% water change and re-cleaned the whole outside with a rag and water just to be sure.. Going to do another change in a day or so just to be sure.

    So far everyone seems okay..

    Who knew it wasnt common knowledge that you dont use chemicals near fish tanks..?

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    Fresh clean tank.. with no pine sol.

    My new fishies (Danios, Silver Dollars, and my BF's Platy)

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    Sounds like one of my moments where I think to myself "This probably isn't a good idea,in fact I know it's not a good idea" but I just keep doing whatever it was anyway.That white plant is cool.

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    I hate that white plant.. stupid algae grows on it like no other, and poop and food gets stuck in it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pookie! View Post

    I hate that white plant.. stupid algae grows on it like no other, and poop and food gets stuck in it...
    ewww,I bet.I didn't even think about that.

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    Yea its the dumbest plant I have.. but I found it in the trash so ehh thats probably why the people threw it out lol

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    Stupid boys.

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    That kind of reminds me of the time where my old roommate girlfriend's son threw a ciggie in my 20 gallon and all of the fish died. I was super peeved. I had invested $200 in that tank at that time. Ugh....I totally made the bitch give me the $200 to replace the fish.

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    Yea I have spent quite a bit on the stock in the tank, along with the hours of care... plus I got attached to my fish lol I would be so sad if they all died... might even cry.

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    He was the Spawn of the Devil. He was one of the worst behaved children I have ever known. I wanted to beat him silly and then beat his mom silly. happy I do not have to deal with them anymore.

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