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    American Bully + Staffordshire Bull Terrier :)

    My boy brought his dog up he is 14 months old AKC reg. He is trying to get some W's in the ring but most of the dogs in the AKC are much stockier and heavier. This little guy weighs about 35 pounds, he is very atheltic and a total sweet heart :)

    Now a stack for the camera :)

    Candy came over for a visit, she wasn't thrilled about the Staffy though..

    The monster came by as well

    Here is a video clip of them playing

    Here is a video of the Staffy hitting the pole

    A video of all 3

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    He is cute! I love Staffordshire Bull Terriers. If I were to get a smaller dog again it would be a toss up between a Staffy Bull and Mini Bull Terrier!

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    Staffies RULE !!! I gotta tell you Bernie was full of energy that day and didn't stop :)

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    Great looking dogs! I love Staffies.

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    Thank you :) my Bully kept up with the Staffy all day I was very proud lol

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    I may know who he is unless he is just getting into showing. Any chance you know what his Stafford is out of? or who bred him?

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    oh that staffie is adorable!!!

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    I love watching vid. of dogs playing and getting along. But, it makes me jealous at the same time.

    Very nice dogs!

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    Thank you all :) I let the owner inside and I walked the staffy into Bernie's yard. After a few seconds of sniffing my Bully took off to get chased lol

    He is out of Massie's Staffords by the way !

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberL View Post
    oh that staffie is adorable!!!
    x2 :)

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