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  1. Entertaining my dog while I'm away

    My pitbull is well behaved when we are around. He was professionally trained and I work with him all the time. However, he doesn't like to do much except tear up anything he can get a hold of when he is alone. I try to buy toys for him to purposely destroy and he does that very well. When I get tough toys he just gives up and won't bother with it.

    He also doesn't like to pull or hang like his dad does. Don't all pitbulls like to hang and tug? I try but he will give it a half-$#@! attempt as if he is just doing it to please me.

    What can I do to keep my pit entertained during the day when I'm at work? He is almost 2yr old.

  2. Crate him. Usually I crate my dogs with a kong that has frozen peanut butter inside. This.will entertain my dogs for hour or so.

  3. crate him the whole day while i'm gone or just for an hour or two so he gets used to chewing on his tough toys?

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    How many hours are you talking about?

  5. Well work is 8 hours plus 2 hour of commute time so about 10 hours a day. I dont want to crate him and don't want to chain him up either. I realize he is going to eventaully chew something up. What i'm asking is how can I keep him entertained when i'm gone?

  6. Hide the kings with peanut butter around your house haha it will keep the nose occupied. Also id gate him in one room if possible.

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    In my experience, even with a ton of bones, toys and what not, eventually a dog left alone to roam at home will get into something, and destroy some stuff.

    This week I learned that my Saint Bernard, who I normally let roam the house while I'm at work (6 hours alone a day usually) now wants to rip $#@! apart and get into the garbage. And this is with a house littered with chew toys and bones. Now I lock her in the spare bedroom, so I don't have to pull Saran Wrap out of her $#@! again.

    Get a crate. Follow the directions in the crate training sticky. Get a heavy duty Kong, fill it with kibble, peanut butter or whatever, freeze it the night before, and give it to your dog in the crate before you leave. Just make sure you always exercise the crap out of your dog when you get home, or if you can fit it in your morning routine, exercise in the morning too.

    Yeah, crating a dog for 10 hours is $#@!ty, but so is an emergency vet visit for a bowel obstruction, a half eaten couch, etc. And you can make up for it when you get home.

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    I let Socrates roam the house now that he is use to his routine and behaves. My advice would be gating him in a room, puppy proofing the room, making sure he gets plenty of exercise (including exercise before you leave), and a giving him a frozen kong. I always make sure that he gets a walk before (even if I have to wake up way too early) and a good treat for when I go. When he sees me put up his gate he starts to cry and runs to his bed because he wants his kong and a nap kongs and the kong wobbler are great to give them when you go because they require lots of mental work and can wear them out a little. Establishing a routine can really help reduce anxiety and help them relax. Especially if exercise before you go is included in that routine.

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