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    Interdigital Cyst or Papilloma Virus???

    On Monday we noticed a large sore between Stella's toes - it had a white head on it, and bled a little when we drained it. That evening we took her to the vet and we noticed a second sore close to the first one, but it was still under the surface and much smaller. We received antibiotics, a steroid/anti-inflammatory cream, and a concentrated soap to clean her foot with.
    By Wednesday (two days after noticing the problem, and two full days into her antibiotics), the smaller sore had grown to the size of the first one, ruptured, infected, etc....and there were at least 4 more sores nearby under the skin, just waiting to do the same.
    It is now Thursday, three days after noticing the sores, and Stella is at the vet having the two large ruptured ones removed and biopsied.
    So, it seems that Pit Bulls have issues with Interdigital Cysts and also with Papilloma Virus....but how do I know which one it is????
    With the sheer number of sores and rapid progression, I am very concerned. Anyone else experience this???


  2. I have had a couple dogs that had interdigital cysts, each dog only had a couple. They were allerrgy/moisture related. Keeping the dog's feet dry helped quite a bit. I think 1 needed antibiotics. They were not as plentiful as what you've described.

  3. Freida recently had a papiloma on her chest that looked like a big red pimple with a white head on it. The vet took a biopsy and it turned out to be a papiloma with a slight bacterial infection. She has had many of the papiloma warts come and go since I've had her for 2 years, they have fallen off on their own. I have heard that removing the warts can make them grow back at the faster rate, but dont know if that's true.

    Freida also has an interdigital cyst and it has bled once, but seems to come and go

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    Well, it was confirmed a few days later that Stella did have Papilloma virus, although it's not as common to see them on the feet as it is in the mouth. We kept the foot bandaged up for the first couple days, then took the bandages off and prevented her from licking the stitched areas for the following week (was supposed to be 10-14 days, but...oh well). The foot is now completely healed and the numerous bumps that had been starting under the surface have disappeared without surfacing/growing/breaking open. I think the surgery to remove the larger bumps helped her body develop an immune response the virus - hopefully she doesn't get any more.

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