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    Betty eating from my hand!!!

    Well she ate from me yesterday, and I decided to try again today..

    She was much less scared and I feed her in the same spot being this rock every time, so I just put my hand in and just sat it in that area and didnt more it and as soon as she noticed the tilapia in the water she went right to her spot lol

    This was her begging as soon as I started messing around the tank

    Some more begging..

    She went straight to her feeding spot as soon as she smelled it..

    Making sure that was tilapia in front of her, She was sniffing around so much I almost got afraid she was going to bite my finger lol

    She grabbed the chunk and shook it like a shark, and then swam away and came back and did it again! The second time with no sniffing, just a bit ol' bite!

    Then after she got a few nice mouthfuls of it I let her have the chunk and she swam off to eat her dinner :)

    I have noticed that she seems to have started growing at a faster rate, and she filled out A LOT more since I switched to giving her tilapia and occasional shrimp pellets. I think its because she was having to find them before the Gourami ate them, seeing as she has a Boyfriend Gourami who stalks her all the time lol
    They cant eat the tilapia and she gets much more "fierce" with them if they her have fish chunk!

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    Very cool!

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    She does it every single day now! She has almost completely lost all fear of my hand, and this makes sure she gets her food, not the other fish :)

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