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    Sorrells and Colby

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    the colby bloodline is my favorite with me being a ukc person i like the lar-san dogs as well i remember them back at the ukc dog show in 1989 and sandy was very nice
    and helpfull to anyone that was new to the breed but the colby dogs are what i breed and own

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    colby and sarona

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    Im very partial to the Watchdog lines, I like the drive i see in the Watchdog lines, (just wish they were smaller My male is 70#)I also like the old school Razor Edge lines, my first dog was a Edge watchdog cross. Good looking little blue dog, gamey and a great weightpuller i love her to death.

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    My favorite's got to be victorino' the hawaiian family line especially anything that was produced after Tequila Sunrise( dog) must say victorino kennels has some of the best on the west coast check them out victorino kennels. org

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    Hollingsworth dogs...

  7. Nice Post!

  8. cool, I like the eli/bolio dogs My avatar comes from garners ch dynomite (Frisco) and I love it.

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    I am partial to the stuff I own mostly Eli... Maverick/Six Bits stuff (especially) I like the Wildside's stuff as well (Jeep/Nigerino) and the more and more I look and hear about it I am really liking the stuff Fat Bill puts out... can't go wrong with Two Eyes or Bolero stock

  10. I like the Wildside's stuff (Jeep/Nigerino), Boyle's, and Hammond's stuff down from Park Son (Plumber's Alligator) because this is what I own at the moment. :D

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    " nelson / deloach" the secret of the south. it's a midnight cowboy/ boyles/ boomerang cross. off the wall SHOWSTOPERS.

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    I like the buck/bolio cross but from the Gaston line of dogs they are excellent specimens

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    Jeep red boy rascal or red boy jocko Deadlift bred to miss mayday with some stumpy blood.................

  14. I would have to go with Garners. Because of their temperment .
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    Well I know it isn't a "line" but I love dogs off Gr. Ch. Izod. Not necessarily because he was owned by my good friend but all the dogs I've seen off of him have been amazing.

    I like some blues but not the overdone ones....


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    Well, the only registered dog I've owned so far is Scarling and she wasn't even really specifically a line I had been interested in, just sort of fell across her at the right time I guess. lol I'm not sure what she would be considered in total, but she's definitley got alot of Jeep blood. I'm going to eventually send away for her pedigree analysis.

    Here's her ped..

    The lines I'd like to get a chance to own would have to be Hammonds {down from Plumbers Alligator specifically} McCoy {Rozmus' McCoy dogs specifically} and Mayday. Really though, I'd be pleased to get a chance to own many other lines as well, just to have the opporunity to get my hands on a piece of APBT history before I die! :)

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    ive just started looking at bloodlines in the last few far im really liking the sorrell & tatonka lines.

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    I like BULLDOGS. There's many strains out there. But, being patient and checking production percentages seems to pay off for me. I like the Gamblers Virgil and the OS Virgil crosses with the Black Paz and Chance outs. I just got a male from this breeding and he's exactly what you would expect from that breeding. clmr

  19. O.Stevens' CH. Homer ROM and $#@!assinator ROM blood.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by JoeBingo View Post
    Thanks for that post tat !!!

    I had seen that before, but had been a while and could not remember where it was.

    I know that any bloodline can throw a double recessive and come out red nose or red dog. But, I am not interested in those dogs.

    What I am very interested in, is trying to find out what breeder or breeders today have any of the Lightner line on their yard. I am fascinated with the OFRN strain, bloodline or whatever the hell it is.

    There are lots of people I find on the internet who advertise, OFRN blood in their dogs, but I suspect that what I am looking for will likely not be found on the internet, but who knows.

    So, my next question is, what breeder or people do I need to try and talk to today about getting a dog that is as close to the OFRN as I can get? Thanks !!!
    riptide kennels uses lightner dogs

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