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    Gourmai Gravid..

    I think my female may be ready to lay.. looks like I have to set up some plants and stuff for them to make their babies!! (well eggs first)

    This is the first time since my Oscars bred that I have had egg laying fish..

    Got a baby platy out when I was cleaning the tank a few days ago too !!

    I love baby fish!!!!

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    hey are those the ones that you had the pictures of them biting each other?

    spring is in the air huh? fish fry are so cute and delicate

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    Yea those ones fighting were the males deciding who claimed the remaining female..

    She picked one I guess and now only stays on his side of the tank, and now she is very fat (with eggs, I hope) and I have to stick a bundle of plants up on the top so she and the guy fish can make a bubble nest to lay their eggs in.
    I wish I had an extra tank for this lol

    Spring is definitely in the air!

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    Pictures are going to be a must!

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    I just put in a big ugly white plant and another broken one to float on the top of the water on that side of the tank.
    The pair likes it already!

    I think this is gonna work! lol I didnt know Gourami made bubble nests like Beta :)

  6. Any other fish in the tank WILL eat any egg, including other gouramis. The water movement caused by filter systems will destroy the nest. If any manage to hatch with other fish in the tank, the fry won't last more than a day before either being eaten or sucked into the filter system.

    Most fish breeders have special "nursery tanks" set up as required by the species.

    For gouramis, a small tank with one of those old fashioned sponge corner filters is best (these filtrs don't cause much water movement). After the female lays her eggs in the nest, both fish must be removed from the nursery aquarium, and the filters need to be TURNED OFF to avoid sucking in babies.

    Any water movement can destroy the bubble nest. Water pressure and temperature need to remain just right or the fry's organs will not develop properly.

    Here's a great article on breeding gouramis:

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    Yea I know. I have a bucket set up from the main tank with the baby Platy in it, he is growing really good :)
    There is a spot of calm water where I put the plant bundle and that stopped the water even more. The male and female are in it together just "chillin"
    Im not trying to breed them, if it happens it happens, if not, oh well. But if there are eggs or babies I will take them out and put them in my nursery bucket :)
    I was reading around online about how they breed so thats why I put the plants and stuff in the calm water so if they can manage then good for them :)

    Thanks though I couldnt find a good site or anything so I am gonna read the link!! :D

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