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  1. when does the average pit bull stop growing ???

    I bought a pit bull awhile ago shes about 10 months old now , and she seems pretty small to me, shes about 40 pounds but fairly skinny, I;m just curious is this normal? when do pit bulls really start to bulk out and finish growing I was reading on the net it can take up too 2 years?


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    It depends. Some lines mature more slowly than others. My dog, for example. She seemed to stop growing around 8 months, but she didn't really seem to mature until she was around 2.5 or 3 years old.

  3. The muscle comes with age and conditioning. I personal like my pits small. Males around 50 lbs. and females around 35-40 lbs. True to form.

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    It all depends on what bloodline you have and what size the ancestors are. I have a four year old Eddington male that didn't stop adding weight until he was 3.5 years old. My colby female was at adult height and weight at 11months.

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    From my experience the average APBT stops growing in height tween 8 months to a year and then fills out and matures until 2-3 years old. As others have said it depends on the bloodline. It also depends on environmental factors such as a dog with health issues, a runt, worms, quality of food

    I don't think that my Patcheeno fully matured until he was 5.

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