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    Redness in-between toes?

    I noticed today in-between 2 of titans back paw toes, and 2 of his front 2. About 2 weeks into changing him off natures domain back to totw pacific stream due to having the extra $ again. I thought at first maybe it was changing the food, but he's already been on totw ps and did great!! Any things I should be looking for or checking?

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    Yeast? Sorry, that's my only guess. Our female has many issues, one being redness between the toes.... vet. prescribed a steroid topical to spray and rub between her toes and they are looking better.

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    Andie has this too. Does it look anything like this?

    Only the fur is stained dark red. The skin is pink and there's no inflammation. It doesn't smell and she never pays it any mind. Does this sound anything like what your dog has?
    Additionally, the discoloration seemed to spread/get worse when she had to walk on a lot of ice or salted roads. I see you're located in Michigan too, so maybe that has something to do with it?

    I've tried to find information on it but most of what I dig up consists of more severe cases, dogs with sores and all that. I'm not sure what it is, if it's yeast or if it's discoloration or what.
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    That's what our females looked like, but her skin was red and had inflammation... the inflammation is why she was prescribed the topical. (she was also red and inflammed in other places also though).

  5. Babe's toes look the same as the photo. We are in Western New York and yes it gets worse in the winter. A coincidence that she's on TOTW Salmon also.

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    looks like salivary staining to me. my boerboel has this because she likes to lick her feet obsessively sometimes. she's sneaky about it, too, lol. she knows i don't like it so she does it when im not home

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    Redness was gone next day :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElJayBee View Post
    looks like salivary staining to me.
    I agree

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    Huh, I never thought of salivary staining. Guess it makes sense.. I never paid much attention to how much Andie licks her feet and in the winter she'd be cleaning them more.

    Good to hear it's gone now, gritter. :)

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    Yes as everyone has said, it is definatly staining from licking his paws. Usually due to an allergy ( Short haid dogs are very prone to).I have to give my girls benadryl when this happens, they are sensitive to gr$#@! in the summer months. I would talk to your vet about dosage and if it is ok to give( sometimes with other health problems its not ok to give)

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    My girl gets red feet when I run with her in the woods. Old growth cedar trees...some dogs have sensitivities to cedar and she is one of them. The redness goes away by the next day...if we don't run there again :-) I weight the two...a run in the woods chasing critters and just being a crazy dog or keeping her away because of her sensitivity...the trail wins. I just spray some vetricyn on them and they are better the next day.

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