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  1. 9 week old puppy wont stop biting for anything!

    Pls help me! I have read so many forums and advice sites trying to learn to keep my 9 week old pit from biting. I know he is very young and we have only had him for a few days, however, nothing is working! I've tried walking away, yelping, time out, substituting with chew toys, shaking a can full of pennies... he won't respond. He is smart and very stubborn. He can sit and come (if there is a reward involved), he sits before every meal is served, he goes potty in the right place. Its just that every night around six he goes crazy and uncontrollable. He runs around in circles and bites and barks at me. We go for walks and play all day so its not like he doesn't get exercise. He carrys on like this for hours! Its almost 11 and he's still out there being crazy with my husband. Is this a phase I should just ignore? Or do I try and control this? Thank you for any advice.
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    I suggest you read these stickies especially the first one :

    Bite Inhibtion

    Mouthing/Play Biting in dogs: Helpful Article

    Leadership Confusion, use the Cold Shoulder Routine

    Training and Socializing Puppies

    I would also suggest getting your pup in Obdience cl$#@! as soon as your pup has had all 3 sets of the distemper/parvo shots. Cute puppy, good luck! :)

  3. Great articles. One question, the cold shoulder approach...isn't he too young for that? Plus he is in his "fear imprint" week and I don't want to hurt him emotionally for later.

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    You said you only have had the pup for a couple of days. If you have a drivy teething pup training doesn't happen over night. You have to be consistent and not get frustrated with the pup. You need to but in the time. Training can take several days to weeks with this issue and will constantly need to be reinforced until the pup understands. It also depends a lot on how much time and effort the breeder put in to working with the pup before you got him.
    I wrote the thread about training and socializing puppies, and in my article is what I've always done with mine. It really does work.

    Enjoy the pup; they grow up too fast!

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    Ignoring or the "cold shoulder" technique worked almost the best for my dog when he was a puppy. He REALLY thrives on attention from people and can't get enough. When he's presenting a bad behavior to me, like being nippy and or too rough with play, I just get up and walk away. This just devastates him and he got the idea pretty quickly that too rough/biting/carrying on like an idiot = no playtime and mommy goes bye bye. He gets the idea REALLY quickly.

    Would be something worth trying. I just get up and leave the room and get busy doing something else. He'll end up slinking over to me afterwards and licking my leg or something in a really sad "mom i'm sorry!" way, its kind of cute, LOL.

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    I remember when my Sweetie girl was that age. My hands and arms looked like hell! I had gone years without a dog and forgot what it was like having a puppy. Plus, she was really too young…I should have waited a few weeks before bringing her home. She didn*t get the benefit of playing with her littermates so I ended up having to teach her bite inhibition. It was pretty bad for a few weeks with those razor sharp needle teeth! I had to wear oven mitts to handle her! Hang in there. Be consistent and he*ll get it. Good luck!

  7. Thank you for the replies. :) he is a rescue so he didn't really get training before coming home. Today we have had him for one week. He's awesome, I just need to learn a little more patience! Whenver he get out of control I've been putting him outside, because if I don't watch him constantly he starts tearing things apart. Is it ok that I leave him out there alone (its safe) or should I follow him around all day say no every couple of mins?

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    Is he crate trained?

  9. Yes he is. But I don't wanna use it as a punishment. I want it to be a happy place for him.

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    Good, because crate training is supposed to be positive anyways. :)

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    I was asking about the crate because it can serve as nice quiet happy place for you to put him while you do work around the house etc and cannot keep an eye on him. Giving him a nice bone or Frozen kong while he's in there can keep him busy while you take a "puppy timeout" lol.

    I wouldn't leave him outside unattended, but that's just me. My puppy loves to eat sticks, gumballs, leaves, any random trash that blows through the yard, etc I'd be afraid he'd get into something he shouldn't. =/

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