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  1. My spayed females nipples are swollen

    We recently adopted a 9 month old pit bull female. She is such a doll and we're so happy to have her. We noticed when we adopted her that her nipples seemed a bit swollen. Now that we have her home it seems that not only her nipples but also vagina are swollen in appearance. She is spayed. As far as we know Charlotte (that's our new friend) has never had a litter. I'm guessing from what I have read that she must have gone through a heat. Will this swelling go down? She is going for her first vet appointment next week but I figured it was worth asking some experienced owners!
    We've never had this breed before. Are the larger nipples a trait? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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    Do you know when she was spayed? It can take a while for hormone levels to go down, which typically would reduce the swelling.

    Were you trying to post a picture? Pics need to be downloaded via a public site, such as Photo Bucket (I am not a picture expert, so don't quote me) :)

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    wherever the picture is saved at right click and get the picture URL and then click the little mountain icon on the message thing and paste it there should work

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    might be having a false prego

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    This link may help you with the photos.... I agree with Madeleine's mom... if she was recently spayed, and she was in heat when she was spayed, it could take a while for hormone levels to level out. :) Photography & Artwork How to Post Pictures

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    Did that work

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    Thanks for all of the help. I attempted to attach a picture of her in the forum so you could see our new love. Hopefully you can see it. More to come and thank you for the thoughts.

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    Yup, I can see a pretty little face :)

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    It is possible she went into heat before she was spayed and that could be why her nipples are enlarged. She is pretty!!

  9. She was spayed on 2/14 according to her paperwork. I'm not quite sure what a false pregnancy would be like. She seems super healthy and really playful I don't know if that is a determining factor though.

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    My dog Daisy was like that before she got spayed after she had been in heat. I was soooo worried. They stayed that way after being spayed for quite some time before they finally went back to normal. I thought she was going to look like a nursing mother Her vagina has always been on the large size in my opinion...but I don't know what others look like...just that someone did point it out to me one time.
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    IF she is spayed and has a scar to prove her spay there could be a a chance that very small bits of tissue remained in the bitch after surgery and That tissue can grow and respond to chemical signals from the brain to produce the hormones that cause the heat cycle. In honesty you will have to take her to your vet and run tests and ask him/her questions. sorry I am not of much help as my dogs are intact

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